Marketing for non marketing executives


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Marketing for non marketing executives

  1. 1. Marketing for Non-Marketing Executives BeyondWords Training Pte Ltd What are the marketing challenges facing organisations today? Globalisation has led to mature markets that are flooded with products of all types. The availability of the sheer number of products means that customers have many choices, and they can explore a variety of competing products. They also have the options of a variety of suppliers, both online and offline. Organisations who want to sell in these increasingly crowded markets must follow strategies that allow them to stand out from their competition. Employing simple sales techniques doesn’t cut it anymore. Businesses must now design their products in line with customer’s current and future needs, while understanding market trends and competition. Product design and marketing must now go hand-in-hand to ensure that products can reach targeted customers most effectively. What do you gain from this one-day workshop? In this course, participants will be introduced to the entire marketing process to analyse how each area can benefit their organisation. These areas are systematically explored and exercises are provided for participants to apply learnt techniques to specific scenarios or to their own organisation. Participants will also learn about customers’ decision-making process, how to segment markets, how to target customers, and how to define a marketing mix to target these segments. Areas such as pricing strategies and various methods of promoting products are explored as well. This course also aims to familiarise participants with marketing elements using mainly qualitative methods, to increase their awareness of various critical areas. This course is particularly useful for those who are involved in product design or management. Venue To be confirmed Duration 1 Day Fees S$420 (no GST payable) (includes a workbook, lunch and refreshments) (Register 3 or more participants and pay only S$390 per participant.) Workshop Objectives 1.  Understand historical approaches to marketing, and how the marketing process works in practice. 2.  Analyse your company in relation to your competitors by examining your customers’ decision-making process. 3.  Segment the market, target each segment, and use a marketing mix to address each segment as part of your marketing strategy. 4.  Use the principles of product life cycle to decide on your marketing strategy. 5.  Set your pricing strategy using a variety of methods while keeping in line with supply and demand. 6.  Identify distribution channels and set up various ways to get your products to customers ahead of your competitors. 7.  Use four main elements of promotion to popularise your products. 8.  Follow well-established marketing guidelines to maximise your chances of success. Website: / Tel: (65) 9633 1104