APSS Pecha Kucha - Boss are the Problems


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APSS Pecha Kucha - Boss are the Problems

  1. 1. ACT Asia Coaching Training www.asiatrainers.comBosses are the ProblemsAnd How You Can Be the Solution not the Problem 23 April 2012 Monday Andy Ng MBA CPA Business Coach & Trainer 1
  2. 2. ACT 3 Types of Bosses Warriors Strategist Realist 2
  3. 3. ACTYou are a responsible and caring boss. You work hard and give your employees a good salary and careerYet you feel that you fighting a losing battle Where is the Problem? 3
  4. 4. ACT The Problem is to Thinkthat having Problems is a Problem Having Problems is what makes a Boss useful The first step in solvingproblems is to Take Accountability You The Boss is the Source of All Problems! 4
  5. 5. ACT5 Reasons Bosses are the Problems1. Reward Lousy Punish Good2. ‘Follow Instructions’ Policy Backfire3. Wrong Strategy or Tactic4. Self Protection5. Lack of Management and Leadership Skills 5
  6. 6. ACT Reward Lousy Punish Good• Giving Difficult Assignments to Good Performers• Allow Lousy Performers to do Reverse Delegation• Fixed 13th Month Bonus for All• Solution: Reverse the above 6
  7. 7. ACT Follow Instructions Policy• Instructions outdated or only work for normal situations• Staff soon reach inertia or perturbation• Solutions:• Review your Instructions once every 6 months• Empower staff to use their commonsense 7
  8. 8. ACT Wrong Strategy or Tactic• Eg Kodak, Redifussion, Blackberry, Nokia etc• Even more wrong is to Push Staff to Achieve the Wrong Strategy or Tactic• Lost touch with market or Living in Denial• Solution: Revalidate your Strategy once every 6 months 8
  9. 9. ACT Protecting Own Turf• Cannot afford to lose what he has built up over the years• Being Righteous more important than other things• End up downplaying Organization’s Interests and CKT• Solution: Ready to be Wrong and Correct Quickly 9
  10. 10. Lack of Management ACT and Leadership Skills• Most are Promoted based on Technical Skills and are assume to possess Managerial and Leadership Skills• Constant Conflicts between the 2 skills: Technical and Managerial• End up unable to Manage and Lead – Team of Low Performers• Solution: Sign up for our Courses or 1- 2-1 Executive Coaching Programs 10
  11. 11. ACTTop Management/Leadership Courses 11
  12. 12. ACTHow our Training Will Work For You100% Customized with Focus on Application,not just TheoriesUse lots of Videos (movies) to illustrateUse Coaching Model: – Apply concepts to your situation – Push, motivate and inspire you to go beyond where you’re right now – Make You Accountable … to your own goals 12
  13. 13. “But My Staff Will leave ACTUs After I’ve Trained Them…” 13
  14. 14. You’ll Break Even as long as your ACT Staff Stays for 3 months…Eg Maintenance Manager – monthly salary of $6,000 If repair 10 equipment a month, cost per repair is $600With Management Training (training fee $398), can now repair 11 equipment a month.Cost per repair is now lower at $5453 months savings is $54.5 x 3 $164Less Cost of Training (40% of $398)* $159Additional Profit $ 5Return on Investment (annualised) is $5/$159 x 4 =12.6% 14
  15. 15. ACT God of Fortune to You …PIC (Productivity & Innovation Credit) 15
  16. 16. Claim for PIC ACT For 2010 and 2011 PIC Expenditure Claim 400% Tax Deduction OR 30% Cash• Claim anytime now• Cash is capped at $30K a year (or $60K for 2 years)• Tax Deduction is capped at $800K a year For 2012 to 2014 PIC Expenditure Claim 400% Tax Deduction OR 60% Cash• Cash Claim starts from 1 July – Get Cash by 30/9• Quarterly submission (no need to wait for year-end)• Cash Claim is capped at $60K a year• Tax Deduction is capped at $1.2M a year 16
  17. 17. ACT PIC Training Expenses1. All External Training (no need certification)2. All Internal Training (no external trainer’s fees paid) without Certification up to $10K (from 2012)• WSQ Training courses accredited by WDA• Courses approved by ITE under ITE Approved Training Center scheme• On-the-Job Training by ITE Certified Training Center “With Training Your Team Can Do the Impossible” A. N. JE-focusTraining cost include• Fees paid or Salaries paid to internal trainers• Rental of training venue, Meals and Refreshments, Stationery and Training materials• External Trainer’s Overseas travel, hotel and transport (not the trainees) 17
  18. 18. ACT PIC is Throwing Money to You …FAQ Form Payout PIC AE “If you’re not taking advantage ofPIC, you’re letting your competitors take advantage of You!” A. N. 18
  19. 19. ACT Asia Coaching Training www.asiatrainers.comBosses are the ProblemsNow You Can Be the Solution not the Problem Talk to Me Today! Andy Ng 8201-4347 19
  20. 20. ACTBosses are the Solutions to Problems1. Reward Good Punish Lousy2. Review your ‘Follow Instructions’ Policy3. Update Your Strategy and Tactics4. Protect Your Organization5. Learn Management and Leadership Skills Today 20