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AMS Asclepius


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Providing “Green” Alternative Solutions for your Neptune Fluid Management System Manifolds

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AMS Asclepius

  1. 1. Pr ovi di ng “Green” Al t er nat i veSol ut i ons f or yourNept une Fl ui d Management Syst emMani f ol ds
  2. 2. Hospi t al Cost Cont ai nment Sol ut i onsOur Mi ssi on: Enhanceyour “Green” I ni t i at i ves, whi l esavi ng si gni f i cant Dol l ar sOur Goal s and Commi t ment st o your Heal t hcar eFaci l i t yTo pr ovi de your heal t hcar ef aci l i t y wi t h al t er nat i vemani f ol d and r epr ocessi ng sol ut i onst hat enabl esi gni f i cant wast e r educt i on, envi r onment alpr ot ect i on, and t he saf et y of al lTo pr ovi de your heal t hcar ef aci l i t y wi t h al t er nat i ve mani f ol dand r epr ocessi ng sol ut i ons t hat enabl e si gni f i cant wast evol ume r educt i on, cr eat i ngsavi ngs i n t hef or mof di sposal cost sand mani f ol d consumpt i on
  3. 3. United States Manifold Market6000 +Hospi t al s80%+Ut i l i zeNept une Fl ui d ManagementSyst ems$100MMar ket Gr owi ng at 8%-10%/YearEst i mat ed Mani f ol d Usage-Hospi t al sAver age5K-10K/YearEst i mat ed Mani f ol d Usage – Sur ger y Cent er sAver age 2K-4K/YearThousands of Pounds of Pl ast i c ent er i ngour nat i ons’ l andf i l l s each year
  4. 4. Nept uneFl ui dManagement Syst emOver vi ewof t heNept uneFl ui dManagement Syst ems and Mani f ol dsSt r yker Nept une Fl ui d ManagementSyst emsTheNept une’s, f l ui dwast e management syst ems and smoke evacuat or f r omSt r yker I nst r ument s, ar esel f -cont ai ned uni t s t hat pr ovi dei ndependent and consi st ent suct i on dur i ng sur ger y and pr ot ect s yourst af f f r omever comi ng i nt o cont act wi t h f l ui d wast e. Thesyst emconsi st s of t he Nept uneRover and t he Nept uneDocki ng St at i on anddisposable manifolds, whi ch connect t he suct i on t ubi ngt o t he st or agecani st er .Nept une1Mani f oldNept une2Mani f ol dNept une1Nept une2
  5. 5. TheAl t er nat i vesRepr ocessi ngSol ut i onsNeptune 1 or 2 Manifolds – Reprocessing Solutions6-St epCl eani ng Pr ocess Appr ovedby t heFDASi gni f i cant Wast eVol umeReduct i onUp t o 70%Savi ngs usi ng Repr ocessedMani f ol dsAbi l i t y t o r epr ocess up t o 8 t i mes per Mani f ol dPr ogr amf l exi bi l i t y and cont r olLocked-i n pr i ci ng f or pr edi ct abi l i t ySi ngl eYear or Mul t i -Year cont r act sNoVol umemi ni mumcommi t ment sTr i al or Pi l ot Pr ogr amAvai l abl ef or qual i f yi ngf aci l i t i es
  6. 6. Repr ocessi ng Sol ut i onThe6-St epCl eani ng Pr ocessReprocessing will reduce your waste volume anddisposal costs, and save you significant dollars!
  7. 7. Real i zi ng t he Savi ngsHowdo we get st ar t ed?1. Col l ect t he Mani f ol dsi n our Col l ect i on St at i on i nst ead of di sposi ngof t hemi n t he t r ash bi ns2. Oncet he col l ect i onst at i oni s f ul l , t i e up t he bagand pl acei t i n t he bl ueshi ppi ng cont ai ner wi t h t he zi p t i es,l i ner ,and Pr e-Appr oved Shi ppi ng Label3. Seal t he cont ai ner wi t h zi p t i es and shi p4. Packagi ngar r i vesat our Repr ocessi ngFaci l i t y5. Appl i cat i onof our 6-St epCl eani ngPr ocessbegi ns6. Your Mani f ol dsar e dr i ed, l abel ed,and codedi nt o our bi l l i ng syst empr ovi di ngyou and us t he accur at e r ecor dsweneedt o showhow many t ot al Mani f ol dshave beenr epr ocessedand howmany t i mes t hey havebeen t hr ough our pr ocess7. Repackageand Ret ur n Shi ppi ng wi t h anot her bi n and r et ur n shi ppi ng l abel t o r epeat t he pr ocess*** Note *** You wi l l cont i nuet o pur chaseMani f ol dsf r omyour suppl i er . Wewi l l r epr ocessyour mani f ol dsup t o 8addi t i onal t i mes. CaseSt udy: Hospi t al Apur chased1200NEWMani f ol dseach mont h. Today, t hey ar e onl y pur chasi ng120NEWMani f ol dseach mont h whi l e AMSr epr ocesses1080.CSRS– Col l ect , Shi p, Repr ocess,SaveCollection Shipping Reprocessing – 6 StepsPackaging, Labelingand Return ShippingCoding, Invoicing,RealizedSAVINGS
  8. 8. Col l ect i onSt at i on&Shi ppi ngTot esCol l ect , Shi p & SaveCol l ect i on St at i on & Shi ppi ngTot es
  9. 9. Repr ocessi ng Faci l i t yAvi ewi nsi de…Repr ocessi ngFaci l i t yVi r t ual TourReturned in bags or boxed,each manifold is labeledwith a reprocessed stickerand a number of bluestickers to match theamount of times it hasbeen cleaned.
  10. 10. Gr oupPur chasi ngCont r act sCur r ent GPOCont r act sExper t i se.Lever age. Ser vi ce.HARNESSING THE COMBINED STRENGTH OF OUR MEMBERS.YankeeAl l i ancei s amember -dr i ven or gani zat i on of heal t hcar epr ovi der sacr oss t he count r y. Founded i n1983, t he Yankee Al l i ancef ami l y of compani es pr ovi desawi de r ange of ser vi ces desi gned t o enhance i t smember s f i nanci al , oper at i onal , and cl i ni cal ef f ect i veness.YankeeAl l i ancegr oup pur chasi ngact i vi t i es pr ovi de member s acr oss t he count r y si gni f i cant costsavi ngs oppor t uni t i es. Our t r ansf or mat i on l ear ni ng i ni t i at i ves of f er member s t he benef i t of best -pr act i ceappl i cat i ons andknowl edge t r ansf er i ni t i at i ves gener at ed t hr ough t he col l abor at i vepr ocessYankee has devel oped andnur t ur ed over t he l ast 25year s.SurgicalServicesLiquid Medical Waste Management Accessories YA-OR-055Memberaction required: To price activate, members must submit a PMDF form.Available to acute care and surgery centers.Effective September 1, 2012 through September 1, 2015.Locallynegotiated pricingon Stryker Neptune compatible manifolds results in 26%aggregate conversion savings for Yankee Customers!Future GPO Contracts: Fi r st Choi ceGPO, Amer i Net , MedAsset s, andPremi er
  11. 11. 1. Ar eyou usi ng Nept une1’s and/or Nept une2’s Fl ui d Wast eManagement Syst ems?2. What i s your cur r ent mont hl y or annual mani f ol d consumpt i on?2. What i s your cur r ent pr i ceper mani f ol d?3. What ar eyour cur r ent est i mat ed wast e di sposal cost s per pound?4. Ar eyou cur r ent l y l ocked i nt o acont r act wi t h anot her vendor ? Do you wor k wi t h anyGPO’s?Pl easer evi ewt he f ol l owi ng par t number s:0700-020-000MANI FOLDSUCTI ONFOURPORTNEPTUNESTANDARD0700-050-000TRAPSPECI MENI NLI NENEPTUNE0700-001-026DETERGENTLI QUI DENZYMATI CDOCKI NGSTATI ONNEPTUNE1GL0700-040-000MANI FOLD4 PORTDRI PREDUCTI ON0702-020-000MANI FOLDFOURPORTNEPTUNE20702-040-000EVACUATORSMOKEULPACHARCOAL0700-020-00S1MANI FOLD4 PORTSTANDSPECI AL0700-015-000MANI FOLDWASTEDI SPOSALSI NGLEPORTNEPTUNE0702-025-000MANI FOLDNEPTUNE2ONEPORT0700-040-001MANI FOLDSPECI MENCOLLECTI ONDRI PREDUCTI ONAny of t hesepar t number scoul d bei n your bi l l i ng syst emper t ai ni ng t o t he Mani f ol ds.Wepr ovi de sol ut i ons f or eachof t he par t number sr epr esent ed her e.Quest i ons andI nf or mat i onAddi t i onal I nf or mat i onQual i f i cat i on St eps
  12. 12. Ref er encesSur ger y Cent er s &Hospi t al sRober t Pi ment elVal ueAnal ysi sCoor di nat orUni ver si t y Heal t hSyst em355-2SpencerLaneSanAnt oni o, TX78201Tel : 210-358-9115r ober t .pi ment el @uhs-sa.comFuture References: For est Par k Medi cal Cent er , Memor i al Her mann Heal t h &mor e
  13. 13. Cost Savi ngs Anal ysi sMani f ol d Spend, Di sposal Cost s, Mani f ol d UsageEvol veCost Savi ngsAnal ysi sSAMPLE HOSPITAL – No Commitment Required with Evolve Cost Savings Analysis
  14. 14. 1.Or der s canbe emai l ed or f axed2.Nept une1 or 2Repr ocessi ngSol ut i ons -Recycl i ng bi ns ar epr ovi ded at no char geal ong wi t h t hecol l ect i on st at i ons. Oncet hecol l ect i on st at i ons ar ef i l l ed, t hebi nsar e t henseal ed appr opr i at el y, and shi pped back wi t h t her et ur n l abel al r eadyi n pl ace.3.Al l owf or 1week f or r epr ocessi ng and r et ur n shi pment , i ncl udi ng al abel edbi n f orr eshi pment4. Ter msar eNet 30f r omdat e of I nvoi ce.I nf or mat i onQui ck Fact s
  15. 15. 1.Up t o 50%Wast e Vol ume Reduct i on2.Up t o 70%Cost Reduct i on3.Up t o 75%Mani f ol d Usage Reduct i on4. Si gni f i cant Annual Savi ngsAMS DIFFERENCE: Waste Reduction, CostReduction, Significant Annual SavingsThe Future is Bright…