Come and work for Idealpeople


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An aborted presentation explaining why you should come and work with us.

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Come and work for Idealpeople

  1. 1. Trainee Recruiters / Headhunters<br />idealpeople<br />Idealpeople Recruitment Training Scheme<br />Unlock your potential and take control of your career....<br />Because your talent is our business.<br />your talent is our business<br />
  2. 2. what the.....?<br />we made this slideshow<br />to convince you<br />that working for us<br />is a darn good idea.<br />we could have just written an advert<br />(we did that too. adverts are a bit rubbish though)<br />SHOW<br />BUT<br />we wanted to <br />you what it could be like<br />if you came to our office every day<br />for money<br />to work with us<br />(not saturdays and sundays though)<br />so here’s the deal<br />
  3. 3. So who?<br />This is where we work:<br />Miles from a concrete a rural paradise <br />Surrounded by the calm and quiet<br />Which is good, because life as a recuiter can be tough<br />
  4. 4. who the...?////<br />we were made in 2001<br />that means we’re older than all of these things:<br />facebookipodsyoutubefirefox<br />xboxesmyspacehybridcarsplasma tvssatnavxfactor<br />when we were young we thought mobile phones were cool because they had screens which showed you who was calling you<br />[and you had to wait for a minute after you switched the telly on for it to warm up]<br />we do tech recruitment<br />we identify and attract top tech people to work for top tech companies<br />we find the people who power the ideas which change the world<br />so what////?<br />
  5. 5. For Idealpeople Recruiters, every day is different:<br />They could be interviewing senior-management-level candidates<br />Or pitching to the CEO of a multinational start-up business<br />Creating compelling advertising copy<br />Or trying to find someone with a particular skill...when none seems to exist<br />Maybe they’ll be networking or writing a proposal<br />Or they’ll be out on the road meeting a client or two<br />And just maybe they’ll be changing someone’s life...for the better<br />
  6. 6. isn’t that?<br />Oh///...///..<br />Our mission is to change tech recruiting forever. We are committed to superseding the outdated practices of the industry.<br />our core values are:<br />great recruitment is at the heart of great companies<br />don’t just take our word for it<br />“The most important thing we do is hire great people”. Steve Ballmer, CEO, Microsoft<br />“Hiring the best is your most important task.” Steve Jobs, CEO, Apple<br />honesty<br />integrity<br />quality<br />collaboration<br />pride<br />
  7. 7. So why?<br />This is Tom.<br />Tom joined Idealpeople in 2008 after leaving University. He’s worked incredibly hard to get to where he is now.<br />Right now, Tom is developing a reputation as a leading expert on staffing in the User Interface Design space. He’s already working with some leading brands and agencies. <br />He finds the people who make the web work. <br />