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  2. 2. Presented by Supervised By Dr. A.K.M Fazlul Haque Associate Professor Department of ETE Daffodil International University Sk.Mustafizur Rahman ID: 082-19-930 Md. Moktarul Islam ID: 082-19-938 Md.Emam-ul-Uddin ID: 082-19-939
  3. 3. Aim of the Project: Controlling the GSM 1308 modem using PIC16F877A by improving the existing flowcode microcontroller program that the modem can work as a more general mobile phone.
  4. 4. Content  PIC16F877A Microcontroller E-Blocks GSM Modem Compiling Procedure Flowcode Software Main Programs Result Conclusion
  5. 5. PIC16F877A Microcontroller The name PIC refers to a group of microcontrollers This is a flexible 40 pin device. The operating voltage of the microcontroller is 5V
  6. 6. Memory of 16F877A Flash or EPROM: It is the memory where the written program is stored. RAM: It is the memory where the declared 'variables are stored. EEPROM: It is the memory where the variables can be permanently stored.
  7. 7. I/O Ports of 16F877A PORT A : It is connected with Multiprogrammer board PORT C: It is Connected with RS232 Communicator PORT D : It is connected with Keypad PORT B: It is connected with LCD
  8. 8. E-blocks are small circuit boards each of which consists of a block of electronics that can be snapped together to form an electronic system. There are two kinds of E-block E-block Upstream boards Downstream boards
  9. 9. Used Components of E-Blocks EB005 LCD board EB014 Keypad RS232
  10. 10. Jumper Setting of E-Blocks Board PORT Settings Keypad D No settings LCD B Jumpers on DEFAULT Sensor A Jumpers on DEFAULT RS232 C C Jumpers: R& TX SELECTION CTS & RTS SELECTION 1 Patch System wire links: SPI/DAC C Jumpers: SDO, SDI & SCK SELECTION A HIP EN SELECTION 1 Patch System wire links: None C
  11. 11. Setting up the GSM modem It can operates between 6vdc to 40vdc RS232 is used to connect the modem with E-Blocks. Need a active SIM card with sufficient credit. Need to connect an Antenna with it to get network connection.
  12. 12. Testing GSM Modem Before using the GSM modem with E-Block system it needs to be test by HyperTerminal using different AT Command •AT+CREG? •AT%CGREG? •ATD •ATH Checking of GSM, GPRS Setting, Outgoing & Incoming Call
  13. 13. Compiling Procedure Running the simulation
  14. 14. Project Software To complete this project there are two software has been used. Their names are given below: •Flowcode •PPP Steps of Flowcode
  15. 15. Clock setting of Microcontroller •Crystal clock •RC clock Clock signal control the speed of operation.
  16. 16. Selection and Editing of Components
  17. 17. RS232 setting RS232 is the communicator, which Tx and Rx data modem and PIC micro.
  18. 18. Call Macro icon properties Call to another Macro. Macro means small programs which used many time.
  19. 19. Call Component Macro
  20. 20. loop icon properties Loop while:1 means loop forever. Loop until: until the condition is true. Loop count: How many time loop are running.
  21. 21. Decision properties
  22. 22. Calculation icon properties Provide the logical function
  23. 23. String Manipulation AT+CREG AT%CGREG? AT+CLIP=1,1 to see caller ID ATD ATA ATH
  24. 24. Delay Programmed is running too fast, So Add the delay function
  25. 25. Open the HEX file Send the program :020000001C2DB5 :08000800FF00030EFC000A0ECC :0C001000FD00040EFE008A110A12452DAE :1000200000000000C10B10280800C308031D192898 :10003000080009300000FF3E031D1A2800000000E0 :10004000C30B1928080083160313DA010230DB0002 :100050001030DC006F30DD00E001DD08031908001E :100060005C08DE00DF015B18DE17DB185F1483130A :100070005F1883175E0884000008E100E11B742804
  26. 26. Developed Program Program for calling system: It has three state: Idle Ringing Connected When the modem detects an incoming call it transmits the message “RING” at regular intervals (approximately 2 seconds). Steps to Write Program: LCD Initializing Sending AT+CLIP Checking incoming call Taking Number from Keypad Speed Dialing Sending ATA Sending ATH
  27. 27. Main Program for calling
  28. 28. Taking Number from Keypad
  29. 29. Speed dialing
  30. 30. Receiving a Call Call termination
  31. 31. Main Program’s Tx Macro Main Program’s Rx Macro
  32. 32. Program for sending sms Steps to Write Program: Taking Number from Keypad The AT command required to configure this option is Message Format command: AT+CMGF=1 The AT command to send a text message is: AT+CMGS=<”number”> Writing message <CTRL-Z> to finish sending
  33. 33. Sending Number Sending Message
  34. 34. Program for receiving sms The AT command required to achieve this is the New Message Indication command: AT+CNMI=2,2
  35. 35. Simulation and Result Software Output Speed dialling (out going call): Hardware Output
  36. 36. Speed dialling call termination If we press ‘*’ Key it will terminate by sending ATH command
  37. 37. Taking and Dialing a Number from Keypad If we press the ‘5’ key on keypad a option will be appeared showing “Enter No” on Software LCD .than we have to enter a mobile number which will be saved in a variable named “K_Buffer”. if we press the ‘#’ Key on keypad, the entered number will be dialled By a AT command that is “ATD01710036458;”
  38. 38. Incoming Call Hardware output Now if we press the ‘#’ key on the keypad the incoming call will be received by sending a AT command to modem as “ATA” If we press ‘*’ Key it will terminate.
  39. 39. Sending of sms: When we will press the ‘#’ key a AT command that is “AT+CMGS=<”01717405762”> ” is sent to the modem Software Output Hardware output
  40. 40. Receiving of sms The figure is showing received message from a remote mobile phone
  41. 41. Conclusion There are three existing program has been modified separately for calling, sending and receiving sms which is necessary to developed a general phone. But it works slowly because of during the execution of large program the device faces some delay as its fixed clock speed and also for limitation of LCD display and KEYPAD
  42. 42. For Your Time