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Community Engagement: 3 Ways to Harness the Power of your Nonprofit Network


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Engagement is so key to the mission of nonprofits everywhere. Without it, not only would we be at a loss for how to serve but also at a loss for support in accomplishing our goals. So how does an organization go about community engagement? As our digital footprint expands, so too should our definition of community engagement.

Take a look at what community engagement means in the digital age, how community engagement applies to your nonprofit, and different styles of facilitating those connections.

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Community Engagement: 3 Ways to Harness the Power of your Nonprofit Network

  1. 1. Community Engagement: Three ways to harness the power of your nonprofit network March 31, 2016
  2. 2. Your Presenters Today Lila Pigott Director of Nonprofit Business Development Idealist Consulting @idealistcons Shanif Sims Partner Manager Classy @classy Brian Wilson National Service Platoon Manager The Mission Continues @missioncontinue
  3. 3. Agenda • Introduction and Overview  What is community engagement?  And what does it mean for nonprofits? • Classy: 4 Strategies to Engage your Community • The Mission Continues + Salesforce Communities • Custom- built connections • Wrap-up + Q&A
  4. 4. What is Community Engagement? • Community engagement is not only about making community members feel connected to each other, but also about making sure they’re connected to your organization. • Every touchpoint you have with your constituents is an opportunity to make them feel like they’re a part of something bigger • Providing a holistic experience that’s intuitive and accessible means you’ll keep them engaged longer and stronger.
  5. 5. What does it mean for nonprofits? • Collaboration among staff, funders, members, volunteers and other supporters is key to building alignment and accelerating your mission. • Create momentum and deepen engagement with your supporters through branded, private, intuitive, and inclusive online experiences. • Drive ownership and collaboration through tailored content and connections by region, issue area, events or organizational needs.
  6. 6. 4 Strategies to Engage Your Community Shanif Sims • Partner Manager
  7. 7. Join the conversation on Twitter. Live Tweet @classy, @idealistcons, @ missioncontinues #Classyedu #nptech #npcommunities
  8. 8.
  10. 10. RECURRING DONOR = $.72 NEW DONOR = $3 LTV vs One-Time Donor
  11. 11. 65% OF PEOPLE ONLY DONATE ONCE. Donor Attrition
  12. 12. Know Your Supporters and Leverage Your Network
  13. 13. BEST PRACTICES: • Gather as much data on your community as possible • Learn your communities personal interests and professional capacities • Identify strategic relationships in your network • Discover areas in your org where you can turn your need into someone else’s opportunity An Extension of Your Team
  14. 14. Mama Ada
  15. 15. Actively Involved and Engaged BEST PRACTICES: • Get to know why your donors donated • Funnel them into a meaningful direction • Find new ways to engage them and keep them excited
  16. 16. Cultivate Your Supporters to Become Long Term Donors
  17. 17. BEST PRACTICES: • Plan a communication strategy • Take advantage of every interaction you have with your donors Communication
  18. 18. BEST PRACTICES: • Establish the relationship right away • Provide value to your donors Communication
  19. 19. Thanking a first time donor BEST PRACTICES: • Thank • Impact • Inform • Inspire
  20. 20. Different Engagement Strategies for Different Segments
  21. 21. BEST PRACTICES: • Acknowledge everyone with an intention the feels personal, but be strategic Use Your Time and Resources Wisely
  22. 22. BEST PRACTICES: • Higher value donors take priority on human resources • Be mindful of the lifetime value of a customer vs a one time donation Use Your Time and Resources Wisely
  23. 23. BENEFITS: • Stable income • More entrenched in your org’s mission • Reduced fundraising costs • Higher lifetime donor value Recurring Donor
  24. 24. BEST PRACTICES: • Always thank them and show appreciation • Exclusive access • Segment your communication • Strategically upgrade Recurring Donor Engagement
  25. 25. Having an On-Going Conversation
  26. 26. Mama Ada
  27. 27. In Summary
  28. 28. The Mission Continues Making an impact in the community:
  29. 29. Custom-built connections Salesforce is an incredibly powerful solution, but for all its strengths it has rarely been called pretty or user-friendly. You need to make Salesforce work for your community so they can work for you. The good news is, Salesforce is endlessly customizable! Every touchpoint you have with your constituents is an opportunity to make them feel like they’re a part of something bigger.
  30. 30. Customized partner portal
  31. 31. Customized volunteer check-in page
  32. 32. Customized donation form
  33. 33. Customized volunteer history page
  34. 34. Q&A 800.889.8675 @idealistcons (619) 961-1892 What email address would you like? @classy (314) 588 8805 @missioncontinue