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App presentation

  1. 1. What is an app?<br />An application (app) is computer software designed to perform a specific task, or a series of related tasks.<br />An app as it applies to a cloud computing CRM platform like Salesforce, is a type of software in the cloud that performs a task not already fulfilled by the native SF functionality.<br />The Enterprise edition of Salesforce, which is the edition supported by the 10 gifted user licenses available to NPOs, allows for integration of 10 apps.<br />
  2. 2. What types of SF app are there?<br />Native app <br />These are apps which are designed inside the SF platform.<br />2. Free app<br />These are apps which are designed outside the SF platform but have synching capability with it, and are free.<br />3. Paid app<br />These are apps designed outside the SF platform and do synch with it, but are paid. Often these have more capability than free apps.<br />4. Discounted for Nonprofits app<br />Same as above, but offered at a discount to nonprofits.<br />5. Aloha app<br />Apps which can be installed beyond the 10 apps allowed in SF.<br />
  3. 3. Why do you need apps?<br />Apps allow for Salesforce optimization. When you think Salesforce should be able to do something and it doesn’t, chances are there’s an app that can. <br />Apps work with Salesforce to extend its usability, allowing users to customize within their SF instance, for their own particular needs. <br />
  4. 4. What can apps do?<br />Short answer- a lot of things that Salesforce alone cannot.<br />For example:<br />Your marketing department is trying to send mass emails to your supporters, but finds that Salesforce only allows a certain number to be sent, as well as having generally limited design capability.<br />What can you do?<br />Download Vertical Response, an app which allows:<br />Unlimited emails, for extremely low cost<br />Greater degree of email customization that native SF mass email<br />Easier, more intuitive email list/campaign creation<br />Email tracking statistics (opens, clicks, etc.)<br />
  5. 5. What is the AppExchange?<br />The AppExchange is a Salesforce generated site that makes it easy for users to find and utilize apps.<br />It provides detailed information about apps, particularly user reviews.<br />It allows users to test apps for usability before purchasing or accessing, as well as test them within their Salesforce instance before committing.<br />Also provides recommendations (user generated) for implementation partners for specific needs.<br />
  6. 6. Top 5 Apps for Nonprofits<br />1. Vertical Response <br /> Creates and sends mass emails/postcards<br />2. Demand Tools <br /> Allows easy data transfer and maintenance, including de-duplication and data backup<br />3. Acteva RSVP <br /> Event manager, allows event invitations, registration and RSVP tracking<br />4. Conga Composer <br /> Gathers data from multiple sources for document and report creation<br />5. Clicktools <br /> Survey tool allowing for dynamic contact feedback<br />6. Skype for Salesforce <br />Make and receive Skype calls from Salesforce<br />7. Chargent <br />Allows recurring credit card charges through SF<br />