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Part of speech

  1. 1. Part Of Speech ( nouns )Prepared by : Mohd Faiz B Dhamanhuri Mohd Aidil B Othman Mohd Ashraf Adib B
  2. 2. Preamble• A noun is a name of anything• It is the name of a thing, a person, an animal, a bird, a place, an idea, a thought, a subject, a feeling and a quantity.
  3. 3. Kind Of Nouns Common nounsCollective Kind of Proper nouns nouns nouns Abstract nouns
  4. 4. Common nouns• A common noun is a name given in common to every person or thing of the same class or kind• Examples : man, villages, river, bank, woman
  5. 5. Proper nouns• A proper noun is the special name of a particular person and place• Examples : Batu Pahat, Malaysia, Hassan• A proper noun begins with a capital letter
  6. 6. Abstract noun• An abstrat noun is the name of something that we can only think of or feel but cannot see• Examples : beauty, wisdom, loss, anger
  7. 7. Collective noun• A collective noun is the name of number of persons or things taken or though of as one• Examples : an army of soldier, a band of musicians, a choir of singers
  8. 8. Gender• A boy or a man is a male.• A girl or a woman is a female• Genders tells whether a person or animal is a male or female• In others words gender tells the sex of a person and animal
  9. 9. Nouns have four genders Masculine Feminine gender gender Neuter Common gender gender
  10. 10. Explanations• The masculine gender is used for all males – Examples: boy, man, father• The feminine gender is used for all females – Examples: woman, girl, sister• The common gender is used where noun can be both male or female – Examples: cousin, friend, person• The neuter gender is used for a things which have no life or sex or are not thought of as having life or sex – Examples : table, chair, book
  11. 11. Type of gender ( person )masculine feminine boy Girl lord Lady sir Madam Uncle aunt
  12. 12. Type of gender ( creatures )masculine Feminine bull Cow dog Bitch Cock Hen leopard Leopardess
  13. 13. Number of nouns• The singular numbers shown only one person, animal, thing or place • Examples: a boy, a book, a pen• The plural numbers shown more than one person, animal, things or place • Examples : boys, books, dogs
  14. 14. The plural of nouns• By adding ‘s’ to the singular Singular Plural Ant Ants Boy Boys girl girls
  15. 15. The plural of nouns• By adding ‘es’ to nouns ending in a hissing sound, that is ending in –x, -sh, -s Singular Plural Box Boxes six Sixes Bus Buses batch batches
  16. 16. The plural of nouns• By changing –y after consonant, into ‘ies’ Singular Plural Army Armies City Cities lady Ladies
  17. 17. The plural of nouns• By changing ‘f’ or ‘fe’ into ‘ves’ Singular Plural leaf Leaves Knife Knives Half Halves Wife wives
  18. 18. The plural of nouns• By changing inside vowel Singular Plural Man Men Woman Women Mouse Mice Goose Geese
  19. 19. The plural of nouns• These word take ‘en’ or ‘ren’ Singular Plural Child Children ox oxen
  20. 20. The plural of nouns• Some nouns have no plural forms Singular Plural Sheep Sheep Deer Deer Fish Fish cattle cattle
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