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Debate text

  1. 1. Job market Thanks you Mr. Chairman. Assalamualaikum and very good morning to ourjudges, time keepers and my friends. I as panel number two of the opposition side willcontinue our topic about foreign workers. I am very disagreeing if opposition side saysthat foreign workers give us many benefits to our country. Do we have so many jobs for those foreign workers? Are we really welcomingthem? And they happy in Malaysia? As we all know, so many job oppurnities are takenby foreigners such as Bangladesh, Thailand and Indonesian. They think that it is easy tofind job in Malaysia compared to their home country. For your information, Malaysia is considered by many major companies aspossible sites for business process outstanding. This will definitely increase the fact thatmany foreign companies will start setting up their plans in Malaysia. From a view of human resources, all these companies can hire the Malaysian,giving good training and education and hope they will become new leaders in thecompany since the company are in here. I believe that there are a lot of people in Malaysia who under educated and inneed have job to support themselves and their families. Just give them a chance for ajob. I strongly believe that they will grab this gold oppurnities. Therefore, all of you must agree that we must do not offer this job for theforeigners first. If all of job is offering to foreign workers, our next generation will stay athome with no work to do. Now job market is hard to find, in addition the population offoreign workers increase In Malaysia. So, this situation can make our people inMalaysia become lazy because of the lack of job in our own country.
  2. 2. They think that it is easy to find job in Malaysia compared to their home country. Just give them a Our next Job chance for a job. I generation will strongly believestay at home with Market that they will no work to do Decrease grab this gold oppurnities From a view of human resources, all these companies can hire the Malaysian
  3. 3. Reflection In my work to done this task, I had reaches many trouble. I can’t find the materialabout parliamentary debate. So I try to find another way. I try to find the material ofparliamentary debate in internet and books from library. I also cannot find the best material in the books from library because it not auniversity level but academic books in primary school only. After that I try to find theformat and guideline of event report in the internet. I tried to understand the steps tomake a good event report and complete my task in English Language. Beside that, I also stuck when I do this task because of the task’s question. Icannot understand what is the task exactly wanted. So I decide to see my lecturer, Mr.Ghazali B Abdullah to ask him kindness to show me what are this task really want. It isnot easy to meet with Mr. Ghazali B Abdullah because he always not is around theInstitute. Sometimes he has meeting, so I cannot see him if I have a problem in my task. I feel much enjoyed when doing the task because I can learn many things suchas how to find books in the library, how to search internet and the outline of the report.All of it can help me in my studies to become an English teacher soon. Because of him,now I have understand what to do and then I do it on my own and completely donebefore the date of submission. I really thankful to all of who had helped me to did mywork.
  4. 4. Student ProfilesName :Mohd Aidil Bin OthmanI.C Number :901224-01-6035Course :Rbt/bi/bm Kumpulan 2Unit :Ppismp/Julai 2008Institute :IPGM Kampus Tun Hussein OnnPhone Number :017-6329952
  5. 5. Report on the parliamentary debate of class RBT 2 at IPGM Kampus Tun Hussein Onn The parliamentary debate of class RBT 2 was held on 7th September this year.The objectives of organizing the parliamentary debate was for the not only forcommunicative but also for personal as well as academic purposes. Public speakingsuch as mini forum allows the effective integration of the four language skills andprovides a meaningful context for using the language. This parliamentary debate canimprove English Language proficiency of student in RBT 2. The setting of the parliamentary debate was prepared by student before lecturercome. Tables are setting same as in parliamentary debate competition. One team has 3panel, one chairman and time keepers. There are four groups in the class and twoparliamentary debates occurred. At 10.00 a.m, the lecturer comes accompanied the guest of honor. All studentswere ready in their places. After that, the parliamentary debate of class RBT2 started.Parliamentary debate begins with the talk of the chairman. The chairman introducesitself and all panel in the debate. First panel of the opposition side begin their speech bygive a benefits of taking foreign workers. After that second panel continue the talk of the debate and also the third panel.After first team of opposition side finished their debate. Then the parliamentary debatecontinues by the opposition side. The flow is same as the opposition side the speech
  6. 6. from the opposition side is better form opposition side. However, the winner of theparliamentary is opposition side. The parliamentary debate of the next group begin at 11.00 a.m, all of the panelgive a very good speech to defend their point. The parliamentary debate was a greatsuccess. The lecturers were attracted to the parliamentary debate. At about 12.00 a.m, the parliamentary debate comes to an end. Finally thelecturer gives his feedback of the parliamentary debate of class RBT2. We discoveredthat, parliamentary debate was for the not only for communicative but also for personalas well as academic purposes