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Analyzing skill


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Published in: Education, Business
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Analyzing skill

  1. 1. Analyzing SkillPrepared by : Norain Mohd Sholehuddin Mohd Aidil Nursharnida
  2. 2. ANALYZING SKILLS - clarifying existing information by examining parts and relationships.• Identifying attributes and components: determining characteristics or the parts of something.• Identifying relationships and patterns: recognizing ways elements are related.• Identifying main ideas: identifying the central element; for example the hierarchy of key ideas in a message or line of reasoning.• Identifying errors: recognizing logical fallacies and other mistakes and, where possible, correcting them.
  3. 3. How To Master Speaker Skills• When giving a speech, it will be impossible to include all of the speaking skills in the same speech.• These skill sets need to be second nature to attain speech mastery.• Speaking skill analysis covers the three pillars of a great speech.
  4. 4. Speaking skill analysis• Is a comprehensive look at both the public speaker and the delivery.
  5. 5. Speaking Skill: Consider the Content• For instance, gestures are a part of how we say and at the same time a part of us as a presenter.• For this section, focus on words.• The choice of words, how they are said and how they are used.• The speaking skill analysis is considering the purpose of the speech in connection with the use of words.
  6. 6. Speaking Skill: How it’s Said• You could use a wrench to hammer a nail, but not very effectively.• If words were tools, the speaking skill analysis considers how effective what is being said matches the purpose of saying it throughout the lecture.
  7. 7. Speaking Skill: The Presenter• This speaking skill analysis looks at the presenter and how he communicates with his appearance.• Although debated, rapport and charisma are speaking skill qualities that can be learned by a speaker.