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Keri Jaehnig - Graphic Resume


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Groovy graphic resume for Keri Jaehnig of Idea Girl Media. Keri works with business brands, public figures, and non-profits worldwide to achieve social media success and positive online reputation.

Keri earned a 2013 Small Business Influencer Honorable Mention and received recognition from the Ohio State Senate. She has been featured at Social Media Today, SteamFeed, Search Engine People, Business Insider, and

Her specialty is connecting clients to new customers through Content Generation, and Social Media Marketing, Management, Training.

Keri's passion is engaging online communities to create new revenue streams.

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Keri Jaehnig - Graphic Resume

  1. 1. This is My graphic resume.
  2. 2. I’m a social media management & online marketing pro…
  3. 3. connecting people by putting great ideas I have a passion for into action…
  4. 4. Areas where I excel: * Community Management * Multi-Location Project Management * Content Creation * Facebook Marketing * Mentoring & Training * Social Strategy
  5. 5. I want to WOW the world with colorful, fresh ideas! (And help others do the same)
  6. 6. I work with business brands, public figures, and non-profits that value their online reputation to achieve social media success…
  7. 7. Working with teams directly or remotely… I create social media marketing programs that drive fan & follower engagement and lead to new streams of revenue.
  8. 8. Some Niche Sectors • Real Estate Development • Home Design • Travel & Tourism • Automotive • Retail • Event Planning • Green Business • Executive Recruiting
  9. 9. Social Media allows you to stay top of mind with your current audience, and meet new prospects before they even Know they need you... ~Keri Jaehnig
  10. 10. As a blogger…
  11. 11. I am featured & seen here:
  12. 12. I Lead This Facebook Community
  13. 13. Online events I organized:
  14. 14. And:
  15. 15. Top Social Media Campaign Managed a first place social media campaign for an Ohio State Tourism Association member organization in 2013. Image credit: Keith Pohly
  16. 16. Political Candidate Social Media Campaign In a four man race for an Ohio County Commissioner seat, my candidate fully engaged on social media, and clearly achieved over 50% of the vote & surprised all with the win!
  17. 17. Agency Training
  18. 18. Completed: Social Media Manager Training Program
  19. 19. Top-rated answer: “How do you tell a good social media strategist from a bad one…?”
  20. 20. I am one of 50 chosen to review this book:
  21. 21. Small Business Influencer Award
  22. 22. The Ohio State Senate chose to acknowledge me for achievement in Social Media
  23. 23. I studied some anthropology The study of human culture. I learned how culture develops, changes, and influences human behavior.
  24. 24. These experiences have given me a unique perspective on the concept of tribal marketing. member & chief
  25. 25. Like anthropology for the business world.
  26. 26. I campaigned for a seat on the local Board of Education & shook a lot of hands! K.E.R.I. = Keeping Education Real & Inspiring!
  27. 27. “Show Me The Money” At a time when a regional anchor employer discontinued 8,000 jobs in my community, I raised more than $30,000 in six weeks for a local non-profit organization.
  28. 28. Other Professional Development With Chris Brogan
  29. 29. I also took time to read…
  30. 30. Enough about me. How can I help YOU?
  31. 31. I was serious about that whole WOW the world with colorful, fresh ideas thing!
  32. 32. Connect With Me
  33. 33. Image & Source Credits CL Photography (Jason Cantrell) Flickr Creative Commons Google Images Twitter Wordpress BundlePost Gary Vaynerchuk Facebook LinkedIn Constant Contact YouTube Network Solutions Slideshare Facebook intomobile Flickr MailChimp Stumbleupon Foursquare Google Ello Digg Human Business Works Forbes Quora Social Media Examiner Jimmymack Triberr Engage Socialnomics
  34. 34. Thank you for considering my graphic resume.