Gearoid Mooney - Ideagen event in WIT


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Presentation from Gearoid Mooney at 1st Ideagen event in WIT 15.10.09

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Gearoid Mooney - Ideagen event in WIT

  1. 1. Research Landscape & Funding Gearoid Mooney Director ICT Commercialisation Enterprise Ireland 087 7544955
  2. 2. The Basis For Research Funding R & D for Enterprise, Innovation and Growth State investment in third level research ~ 5Bn by 2013 Commercialisation
  3. 3. The Economic Model EU Dept. Enterprise Dept. Finance FP6, FP7 Trade & Employment C A S EI IDA SFI H T A Research Establishments X V E A S L U Irish Industry (EI Clients, IDA Client & Others) E
  4. 4. Mechanisms by which research is commercialised Primary Mechanisms Transfer of skilled people (Employment) Transfer of Knowledge (Licence) New companies (Spin-out)
  5. 5. Spinouts Generated per Year 30 25 No. of Spinouts 20 15 10 5 0 1990 1991 1992 1993 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 (e) Year Table illustrates the increasing rate of spinout company creation. The 2009 figure is estimated with 14 generated to date.
  6. 6. Spinout Values 80 70 60 50 Value €m Exports (2008) (€m) 40 Turnover (2008) (€m) 30 20 10 0 < 5 Years Old 5 - 10 Years Old 11 - 15 Years Old 16 - 20 Years Old Company Age This table displays the export and turnover values achieved by spinout companies in 2008 by the year of the companies’ establishment. This graph illustrates the inherent time delays in these high technology firms achieving financial success.
  7. 7. So what makes a difference? More commercial opportunity More technology More expertise More experience More people Better means to connect them: at the right time and with the best blend
  8. 8. Two case studies. Case 1 Case 2 Lacks commercial expertise 30 years commercial experience Relatively strong technology Relatively weak technology Takes two years to license technology & get the company Takes three months to build a formed. concept, & decide how to move it to market. Relatively poor business plan. Has business plan suitable for Still Looking for funding investment in 6 months Works on this during summer Gets 1.5M investment months Employs 8 people Has issued sub-licenses, which generate zero revenue Customers fly their R&D teams to Ireland to see his Has no employees product.
  9. 9. Commercial & Technical Commercialisation Fund Deliverables 1. Proof of Concept Research Community 2. Technology Development Industry / Market 3. Commercialisation + (for colleges only – commercialisation by way of licensing or creating spin-out company) Innovation Vouchers Innovation Partnerships ILRP Competence Centres (for Industry only) Current Enterprise Ireland commercialisation funding
  10. 10. Industry lead Research and collaboration Competence Centres (~€1 million+ per annum over 5 years) Industry Lead Research projects (~€1.5 million over 2-3 years) Innovation Partnerships (~€200k over 18 months) Innovation Vouchers (Once off payment of €5K) Size of Number of Collaboration budget Ind. Partners Complexity What Industry wants
  11. 11. Business Partners Scheme Why Business Partners? Historical perspective Need to have scalable approach for current & future business needs Past experience Commercial Expertise & Cash Joined up thinking Primary Objectives. Build new companies providing sustainable economic growth from previous state investment in academic research, with strong commercial leadership. Facilitate access to research Support entrepreneurs looking at new opportunities Build interaction with the Business Community Culminates in a HPSU Application & Business Plan
  12. 12. So where to from here? We know Commercialisation of research is paramount without it the economic system will cease to function There is scope for improvement in exploitation Support structures are in place We need All researchers to have commercialisation high of their agenda Work with your TTO offices – they are there to support you Interested entrepreneurs Call me or my colleagues in EI if you want help to commercialise research
  13. 13. Thank you !