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It is a complete web-based HRIS tool. PromptHR would make a significant difference to the way organizations work. Small, medium, large business, or an entrepreneur PromptHR is always ready to help you. Also, as your business grows or requirements change.

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  1. 1. an integrated web-based hrms from
  2. 2. The Suite • Complete suite • 3-tier architecture • Built on technologies • Multi-browser support • Login accounts for all employees • Audit trails • On-site/ Off-site hosting • Customized delivery 4. Recruitment - Manpower Planning 3. Compensation - Benefits 6. 360° Feedback 5. Performance Management 9. Attendance – Duty Rosters 8. Leave – Office Duty 2. Learning - Development 1. Personnel 10. Payroll - Taxation 7. Employee Engagement 11. Intranet 12. Employee Central – Self Service
  3. 3. 3an integrated web-based hrms The PromptHR Suite and Linkages Payroll Taxation Reimb Mgmt Leave Attendance PMS 360 Feedback Manpower Plan Recruitment Personnel C&BLife Cycle Mgmt Training IDP Career Planning Core HR ESS
  4. 4. 4an integrated web-based hrms The PromptHR Suite… .. is complete .. is fully web-enabled .. built on Microsoft technologies .. has a 3-tier architecture .. is SOX compliant .. each employee gets a login account .. is customized for each delivery for the perfect fit • Lower Cost of Ownership • Faster turnaround on Customizations • Developer resources always available Your HR software will work exactly as you like it to
  5. 5. 5an integrated web-based hrms When evaluated by a Global Software Company* * World’s top 10 software consulting firm in the Supply Chain Space
  6. 6. Vertical Deliveries for Marquee Clients
  7. 7. 7an integrated web-based hrms Implemented at Best of Breed companies
  8. 8. 8an integrated web-based hrms Awards - Apollo Hospital implementation
  9. 9. 9an integrated web-based hrms Client Since Modules 2001 3 2005 4 2006 6 2008 5 2008 2 2008 8 2008 6 2009 4 2009 4 Long Standing Client Relationships
  10. 10. 10an integrated web-based hrms We support clients across the globe
  11. 11. 11an integrated web-based hrms overseas implementations India, China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Philipines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand India, Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, US India, China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand India, Turkey, Thailand, US India, US US, Canada, UK, Germany, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, Singapore a solution with tremendous depth & capability
  12. 12. 12an integrated web-based hrms Modular design… Recruitment* Hiring On Boarding Induction Personnel C&B Payroll Taxation Leave Attendance Performance 360 Feedback Employee Engagement Exit Mgmt Manpower Planning …allows you to start anywhere from “Hire to Retire”
  13. 13. 13an integrated web-based hrms modules & timelines at Insurance Co 3. Recruitment 2. Compensation - Benefits 4. Performance Management 6. Attendance – Duty Rosters 5. Leave – Office Duty 1. Personnel 7. Intranet 8. Employee Central – Self Service Core HR ESS Leave Intranet AttendancePMS eLetters PMS Mid Year PMS Year Beginning Recruitment eJoining eConf May 2008 Aug 2008 Nov 2008 Feb 2009 Jul 2009 Feb 2010 July 2010 Feb 2011 Jan 2012 Aug 2012
  14. 14. 14an integrated web-based hrms You choose Delivery Options
  15. 15. What does do for you?
  16. 16. • Employee manages own data  Each new hire entering his/ her own profile saves your HR Exec 30 minutes  Save minimum 8 man-days if your hire 100 employees each year • Employee also manages - Leave - Request HR for letters - View Pay Slips/ Tax Card - Office Duty - Download Forms - Investments online - Attendance - View Policies online - View Org messages thru ticker - Rosters - Self Certification on Joining - Job Descriptions online etc. etc.  Saves time  Increases efficiency  Ensures data accuracy  Ensures data completeness  Timely Reporting as
  17. 17. What does do for your employee? Login account for every employee I manage my data - Address - Personal - Family - Language Proficiency - Education - Previous Work Ex - Nominations for PF/ Gratuity - Investments for Tax I view my data - Career - Trainings attended - Payslip - Tax Cards Holidays for the Year my Leave Balances Receive Org Announcements Self Certification View Training Documents Can View/ Download - HR Documents - HR Forms - Policies - Guides Request HR for key letters online My Teams View Org Chart Employee Central
  18. 18. 18an integrated web-based hrms peace of mind = integrated leave + office-duty + attendance + rosters Login/ Mail Alerts No dependency on HR – View team leaves View Team Leaves on Calendar before approving Simple Leave Application Form Choose Leave Type View Balance Put in dates Enter Notes Submit
  19. 19. 19an integrated web-based hrms complete management with employee View My Team’s attendance For a Team Member Punches – Pulled automatically from Access Control System Easy Graphical View Details of Shift Late/ Early Leave/ OD Details View My own attendance Define/ View Rosters for my Team
  20. 20. 20an integrated web-based hrms Mobile Version under Development First deployment would be on Android
  21. 21. … …generates all essential HR documents/ letters at a click – Offer – Confirmation – Appointment – Extended Confirmation – Compensation Breakup – Career Change – Background verification – Resignation Acceptance …automates email alerts – keeps everyone notified – To employee on Day 1 – Birthday/ Anniversary Greetings – Greetings on completion of service yrs – Remind employee to complete Joining Formalities – Managers when team members are due for confirmation – Employee/ Manager on resignation – To Finance/ IT/ Admin on last working day …produces Instant HR Dashboards – Analytics – Reports – Profiles
  22. 22. has… Org Charts Naadi - Open Text Search on HR database Calender view Fitment Sheets Targeted emailing to employees Email notifications for all key processes SMS$ notifications $ Subject to availability of SMS gateway Org Chart Calendar View Flexi Management Position Management – Detailed/ Limited Mass Updates Audit Tracks Reports Standard reports that go to Excel in a snap ELetters Flexi/ Basket of Allowances Management
  23. 23. For Talent Management • Employee Performance Management with – Goal Setting – Mid Year – with/ without ratings – Year End linked with Development Plan and next year Goal Setting – Year End ratings flow seamlessly into year-end increment process • Training Needs Identification – Works in a stand-along mode or linked with PMS • Stock Options – Track and record Stock Options • Individual Development Plan – Managers can update specific IDP for high-performing team members • 360º Feedback – Configure and run as many 360 exercises you like in a year – Confidential reports delivered in PDF format directly to employee • Corporate Promotability – Maintain annual promotable list
  24. 24. For Talent Acquisition • The Recruitment Module of PromptHR connects all the stake-holders 1. Hiring Manager 2. Function/ Department Heads (as approvers of Hiring requests) 3. Recruitment Head 4. Recruiters 5. Staffing Team 6. Interview Panelists 7. Hiring Cost Approvers 8. Consultants* 9. Employees (Internal Job Posting/ Referrals) • Manages all types of hiring – Budgeted – Non-budgeted – Replacement (On Exit) – Replacement (Transfers) • Position Management with role based assessment sheets • Recruitment flow customized as per organization process • Pulls resumes from job-sites through IMAP process • Resume parser for quick and easy resume upload • Track special payouts * Only if application exposed is exposed over Internet
  25. 25. Learning & Development • Training Module that works the way you want it to – Simple recorder of Training Inputs – Connect with Training Needs Module – Link with self-nominated training process – Pre-Post training feedback can be incorporated • Define Courses/ Modules/ Programs • Publish Training Calendar • Track “Tracker” Trainings
  26. 26. & integrate seamlessly with the Payroll module
  27. 27. Process Payroll in 5 simple steps… 1. Login as Payroll User 2. Verify Status of Payroll Processing 3. Click & Pull change data… 4. Process 5. Your payroll is ready… Minimum Input – 100% accuracy
  28. 28. Payroll Reports Payroll Reports • Variance Report • Payroll Summary • Bank Statement • Pay Register • Pay Slips • Salary History • Payment by Heads • Loan Details PF Reports • Form 2/11 • Form 5/10 • Form 3A/ 6A/ 12A • PF Deduction Statement • Form 31 • EDLI List of Employees • EDLI List of Exit Employees • PF Statement Ledger • PF Eligibility Register ESIC Reports Bonus Gratuity • Form C • Form F • Form I Tax Reports
  29. 29. 29an integrated web-based hrms releasing shortly
  30. 30. 30an integrated web-based hrms New Employee Facing UI
  31. 31. a bit about us
  32. 32. we are… • A team of 35 HR technology specialists • Offices in Delhi – Gurgaon • Manage data for over 70,000 employees • Support clients at over 100 locations in India & Asia Pacific • On-site/ On-line support over 500 HR professionals
  33. 33. 33an integrated web-based hrms Org Structure Advisory Board CEO Admin Finance Taveesh Pandey Solutions Architect Module - Tech Leads Technical Sales/ Support / Client Relations Support Client Relations Functional Lead Support Executives Development Team COO Lead – C&B Sanjiv Desai Accounts / Admin/ Staff Delivery Lead Personnel CompBen Recruitmnt Training PMS Leave Attendnc ESS Payroll Intranet On-Site Off-Site
  34. 34. Our Management Team Sunil Talreja Sunil is the founder of simple solutions/ IdeaFarm Technology. He has built the technology company ground level up and is responsible for the business & product development. The first license of the HR solution was sold to Nestle in 1994. From its FoxPro avtaar the solution has morphed from a simple Personnel Information System to a full fledged HRIS. By 2000 Sunil took the decision to shift the complete focus of simple solutions to HR technology as the product gained acceptance from prestigious clients like Amway, Whirlpool, Perfetti, Bausch & Lomb. Working closely with some of the best companies in the world (Nestle, DuPont, Pharmacia, Seagrams) has given Sunil a ring- side view to HR systems, processes and their continuously evolving requirements. Though Sunil is an Marketing Major from IIM, Bangalore and a Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate from BITS, Pilani, he is today more of an HR professional. Payal Jairath Payal has the responsibility of ensuring that your employee has a positive experience when dealing with the HR desk. At no stage should the employee get the feeling of “managed” HR – PromptHR Services should come across as a natural extension or part of the overall HR delivery at the client Payal wears multiple hats in the company. She looks after Admin, Finance and Agent Training. Payal is neither an MBA nor an HR professional but she brings to the table a very acute understanding of people, their expectations and ensuring that our services/ delivery aligns itself around the customer’s expectations Rajesh Saxena Rajesh Saxena, was CEO, American Express, in his last role, and was responsible for International Consumer & Small Business Services in India as well as for providing leadership to the AEBC Country Executive Team. He is credited for turning around the cards business and setting the business for growth in India. Rajesh has nearly 20 years of experience in Operations, Business Development, Merchant Network, Consumer Credit, Sales, Marketing and general management functions in Consumer Banking. The last 8 years have been in General Management managing businesses with large P&L. He has also managed large team of employees. Rajesh started his career with Unilever group in India. He is a Mechanical Engineering graduate from BITS, Pilani and also holds a MBA from XLRI.
  35. 35. Our Advisory Board Sanjiv Desai Sanjiv is a Senior Partner at TRANSEARCH India An alumunus of BITS, Pilani Sanjiv has spent 11 years in Sales and Marketing roles in leading corporations, before moving to the executive search industry 15 years ago. Prior to joining TRANSEARCH in 2005 Sanjiv has worked in the executive search industry with the White Headman and Accord Group. Sanjiv serves clients in the industrial sector such as GE, Suzlon, Hero Group, Essar etc. Taveesh Pandey Taveesh Pandey is the founder Director of Black Diamond PE Advisors, a New Delhi based venture financial advisory firm. Taveesh holds an MBA from the IIM-Ahmedabad and a first degree in Economics (Honours) from the University of Delhi. Black Diamond PE Advisors advises and assists early stage companies / start ups. Prior to starting Black Diamond, Taveesh was on the “buy side” for over 12 years. He was with the International Finance Corporation (Washington DC) where he looked at investments in the technology, telecom, manufacturing and services space. He later joined SUN Group’s private equity arm before branching out on his own.