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The Suburbanization of Edmonton (


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Published in: Technology
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The Suburbanization of Edmonton (

  1. 1. Research, Discover, Plan, and Share! The Suburbanization of Edmonton
  2. 2. Put together using (Free) 
  3. 3. How-To: Move from slide to slide to compare population density changes
  4. 4. (Interesting) Watch For… 1) Toddlers & Babies (0-4 yrs) density most around outskirts of City, and children (5-9 yrs) a little less on outskirts, so on, so forth… suburbanization…
  5. 5. (Interesting) Watch For… 2) … Until the age of 20-24: relative young adults density downtown and Garneau/Strathcona are extremely high…
  6. 6. (Interesting) Watch For… 3) … And then slowly, relative density of 30+ adults start appearing on the outskirts of the city…
  7. 7. (Interesting) Watch For… 4) … And as the age ranges move upwards, they start moving towards the center of the City!
  8. 27. That’s it! Thanks! If you liked this, please vote for Statistics Edmonton for the Apps4Edmonton Open Data Competition. 
  9. 28. @statsyeg