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DVBIA presentation slideshare


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Presentation delivered by ideaLEVER for the Downtown Vancouver BIA about changes in traditional retail and the challenges caused by the rise of showrooming.
We look at the importance of a good e-commerce site that is mobile friendly and integrated into store systems, the growth of phygital and omnichannel and what retailers can do to reduce the impact of the connected shopper.

Published in: Business, Education
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DVBIA presentation slideshare

  1. 1. The Showrooming Challenge eCommerce Strategies to lift the top line
  2. 2. About ideaLEVER • 15 years of eCommerce • 18 years of developing websites
  3. 3. Fear is Your Enemy Recent Pew research has found that 46 percent of showrooming shoppers actually ended up making a purchase in-store in 2012
  4. 4. Get on the Bus
  5. 5. The Trend is Irrefutable Apparel chains Online sales 2012-1017
  6. 6. Be Part of the Decision Process • Pre shopping • New tools for new times • No more Yellow Pages • SEO popular brands • Google ads
  7. 7. Mmmmmmobile
  8. 8. A Tale of Two Sites
  9. 9. Mmmmmore Mobile
  10. 10. The Trend is Irrefutable 2012-1017 mCommerce growth Mobile optimized websites
  11. 11. Phygital & Omni Channel • Convergence • eTailers getting physical • Big box – small box • New Amazon distribution centres
  12. 12. Phygital Innovation Virtual Stores Concierge mobile App
  13. 13. Socialize • Create a persona • Talk about customers • Video • Coupons & rewards • URLs & hashtags
  14. 14. Offer More • Leverage staff • Returns • Follow up
  15. 15. Conclusion • Get on the bus if you’re not already. • Tackle eCom in stages. • Strategically deploy your resources. • For a copy of this presentation or for a free eCom audit of your website contact: