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Weerada Sucharitkul (Co-founder of FilmDoo) at Digital Media Day 2016


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Weerada Sucharitkul, Co-founder of FilmDoo speaks about film distribution and what FilmDoo has to offer to filmmakers across the globe at Digital Media Day 2016 within the framework of the 7th Odessa International Film Festival.

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Weerada Sucharitkul (Co-founder of FilmDoo) at Digital Media Day 2016

  1. 1. FilmDoo is your “TripAdvisor for Films” meets “iTunes” BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER THROUGH FILMS The global online streaming platform combining movie discovery with content access
  2. 2. THE FILMDOO MISSION “Movies have a unique capacity to create empathy for people and actions we don’t know or have not experienced.” At a time when we have never been more connected, social isolation is still a major issue in the world. FilmDoo is the first global platform bringing people together through the power of film to connect communities and cultures, across nationalities, ethnicities, languages and interests. Quote  from  Ted  Hope    (Film  Producer  “21  Grams”,  currently  Head  of  Content,  Amazon  Original  Movies)  
  3. 3. There are so many good films. And there are too many that are hard to get. Netflix is limited. Darren Aronofsky Director of ‘Black Swan’ & ‘The Wrestler’ “ “
  4. 4. EASY, FAST, ENGAGING For End Users Redefining how people connect, discover and watch great movies from around the world Proprietary Recommendation Technology For Content Owners Social Recommendations via a Global Community of Film Fans Strong Editorial and Curation Team Finding interesting and relevant films which they may otherwise not have heard of Expanding monetisation channels to reach a growing international audience outside their home country Proprietary Marketing and User Engagement Technology Global Transactional Platform with Multiple Payment Capabilities Film Data and Marketing Intelligence Understanding film demand and optimising their revenue potential by reaching interested and new global audiences An online streaming marketplace disrupting traditional film distribution
  5. 5. TRACTION TO DATE Feature Movies & Short Films Unique Monthly Visitors Average Month on Month Growth Registered Users Countries Where Users are From in the world on Google on key search terms Transactions to date of Customers Who have Bought 2 films or more this year 175k   30%   15K   182   No.1   Over 1000   35% 1000+  
  6. 6. Significant Market Global Over the Top (OTT) TV and video revenues will reach $51.1 billion in 2020, up from $26 billion in 2015 THE OPPORTUNITY Expanding Worldwide Demand Digital video now accounts for 64% of all consumer traffic worldwide Large Untapped Global Film Supply •  50,000 featured films produced each year •  US is still only able to consume just 1% of global film content due to difficulties in supplying global content •  Just 10% of European content is shown outside the EU •  For example, only 5 out of 207 Korean films produced in 2013 were distributed in the UK Rapid Growth The Video on Demand (VOD) market is expected to grow at 30% per year, overtaking cinema by 2017 and DVD sales by 2018 Current Market Inefficiency 80% of all global film revenue comes from just 6% of films – an opportunity to tap into the potential of under- represented content Go-To Market for Digitization Only 47% of European films played in cinemas between 2005-14 are made available in digital format – first mover advantage to help digitize content and bring to market
  7. 7. THE LARGE WORLD OUTSIDE OF HOLLYWOOD Latin America 500+ Germany 236 South Korea 207 Films France 270 Films No. of Films Produced (2013) Spain 230 India 1500+ China 638 Nigeria 1,000 + Japan 591 Films Hollywood 600 Films a Year
  9. 9. THE FILMDOO B2C PROPOSITION 1 A global online streaming platform with 1000+ quality films, many released for the first time outside their home country Feature Movies and Documentaries: -  Pay per view model -  Top quality streaming -  Global transactional and multiple payment capabilities Short Films: -  Free to Watch -  Ad revenue sharing and sublicensing opportunities Trusted and Quality Database for International Films -  Beautifully and complete quality film information pages for over 10,000 movies -  Proprietary Tagging system -  Proprietary SEO ranking technology -  User-generated reviews, comments and ratings Rapidly Growing Community of Passionate Film Fans -  Community members in 182 countries -  Passionate and engaged film fans easily segment by film interest groups 2 3
  10. 10. AN INTEGRATED B2B AND B2C BUSINESS With Upcoming Multiple Revenue Streams B2C B2B -  Pay-per-view for features -  Advertising for shorts Content Aggregation Supplying content to third parties (e.g. Ownzones) Educational Licensing Supplying content to educational institutions for both event screening and as part of curriculum Film School & Film Festival Partnership Dedicated page to further promote and monetise their content Affiliate Revenue Ability to drive sales to partner sites and earn affiliate revenue on films which we do not yet have the right for in all territories Brand Sponsoring An opportunity for leading brands to sponsor a new free film to reach the right target audience, given our strong segmented traffic reach. Currently in discussions with D&G, etc Data & Marketing Intelligence Supplying third parties, including movie studios, with data and marketing intelligence to de-risk production, gauge demand in different territories, and identify trends and new talent
  11. 11. QUALITY FILMS WE HAVE RELEASED Supernova Berlinale In The Absence of The Sun Hong Kong Asian Film Festival Girl King Montreal World Film Festival Embrace of The Serpent Academy Awards The Last Executioner Shanghai International Film Festival Open Up To Me Jussi Awards (Finland) Uncle Boomee Cannes Stranger by The Lake Cannes Many of our films have featured at major festivals
  12. 12. PRESS & PUBLICITY Widespread support and embrace across major international and national media Forbes The Guardian Telefonica Digital Futures: The TrailBlazers Variety The Nation
  13. 13. A Truly Global & Experienced Team Weerada Sucharitkul Digital Strategy & Product William Page Legal & Finance Simon Savory Film Programming & Distribution Jules Sukhabut Founding Technology Investor Maxim Jago Film Production & Technology Innovation David Pountain Editorial & Customer Relationship Ralph Stenzel Technology Alain Mandy Angel Investor Finance Delphine Riffaud Business Development & Content THE FILMDOO DIFFERENTIATOR Proprietary Technology Content CurationMultiple Revenue Streams - B2C and B2B A Truly Global Community
  14. 14. What do we leave behind when we cross each frontier? Each moment seems split in two: melancholy for what was left behind, and the excitement of entering a new land The Motorcycle Diaries Dir. Walter Salles “ “ Weerada Sucharitkul William Page