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IDCEE 2014: A Personal Path Becomes Shared Experience - Daniele Regolo (Founder @ Jobmetoo)


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During job interviews it often happened that people told me to take out the degree from my CV and say that I could talk on the phone. At the beginning I used to follow this advice, but then, I started asking myself: why should I hide my Degree in Political Science and, most of all, my grave auditory impairment?

In 2005 I finally got a permanent job as a public employee, thanks to an open competitive exam reserved for people with legally protected status. But... the health authority put me behind a hospital counter, a task that was completely conflicting with my deep auditory impairment. After some years living in this way, I eventually made up my mind and resigned. I wanted to make my disastrous experience (of work and disability) become my challenge. is the summary of my personal path, which becomes a shared experience. A tool for the world of work, that wants to create transparency and to guarantee efficiency and effectiveness. This is possible thanks to the workers who seem sometimes a step back, but are always a step ahead: we, the workers with disability.

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IDCEE 2014: A Personal Path Becomes Shared Experience - Daniele Regolo (Founder @ Jobmetoo)

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