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IDCEE 2013: Local Accelerators with Western Accelerators - Eveline Buchatskiy (Managing Partner @ Eastlabs)


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Eveline Buchatskiy participated in the IDCEE 2013 Panel "Startup accelerators in CEE: Local accelerators vs. Western accelerators. Are they competitors or partners?"

Former CEO of leading media company Ekonomika, having launched several popular websites including, the most quoted business portal in Ukraine. Prior to Ekonomika, Eveline was CEO of high-tech startup APCT, winner of the second annual "Silicon Valley Open Doors" contest in 2006. Before moving to Ukraine, Eveline worked for 10 years as an engineering associate on several multi-million dollar projects for top industrial gas company Praxair, Inc.

Eveline received her Bachelors of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from University of California at Berkeley, her Master of Engineering degree from State University of New York, in Buffalo, and her executive MBA from INSEAD.

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IDCEE 2013: Local Accelerators with Western Accelerators - Eveline Buchatskiy (Managing Partner @ Eastlabs)

  1. 1. .vs. Local Accelerators with Western Accelerators
  2. 2. What does each side bring to the table?
  3. 3. We enjoy the same taste! East Substantial new capital from previously untapped resources looking for opportunities on the internet. New Angel Network for seed stage investment (postaccelerator), looking for deal flow from anywhere around the globe   v   Capital West Substantial venture capital with an appetite for beyond borders: Accel, Bessemer, Intel  
  4. 4. But we also each have our secret sauce! East Ukraine is Gartner top 30 leading IT outsourcing destination with over 100,000 developers Perfect pilot entry into Ru-net, the largest internet audience in Europe. Russian is now the second most used language on the internet. Local accelerators can generate global startups ripe for customer development in the West   West Scale Smart money Mentors  
  5. 5. Let’s have a feast! Eastern and Western accelerators can be matched for best of both worlds: Dating: Form crossaccelerator teams of Eastern tech+ Western Biz Co-investment: Conduct panEuropean deployment for models that can and should be replicated in multiple European countries Combined Demo Day Exchange: Sweeter terms for teams expected to go through double acceleration for biz dev purposes
  6. 6. Eastlabs Fast Facts Founded! 2012 ! Portfolio! 12 companies consumer web and gaming ! Mentors! 95 Equity Investment! $600,000 Follow-on money! $900,000 In 2013 launched Eastlabs Gaming!