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Digital Media Day: Maxim Antonov (CEO @ TheTakes)


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Digital Media Day took place on July 14, 2015 within the framework of Odessa International Film Festival.
The series of keynotes is aimed to show how widely modern information technologies are used in cinema industry.

Maxim Antonov (CEO @ TheTakes) is telling about modern cloud solutions in pre-production management.

Pictures from the event:

Event was organized by TA Ventures VC fund (, TAS Group and Odessa International Film Festival (

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Digital Media Day: Maxim Antonov (CEO @ TheTakes)

  1. 1. Comprehensive Film/TV Production Control
  2. 2. • Scenes • Characters • Locations • Breakdown Sheets • Resources
  3. 3. Scenes ? How many scenes do we have to shoot? How many scene are there in the project?
  4. 4. ? How many characters in our screenplay? How many scenes per each? How many shooting days per each actor? Organize actors casting Characters
  5. 5. ? What locations do we have in our screenplay? Running time per each location? What hour do we film at? Number of scenes on this location on this set? Organize locations casting. Locations
  6. 6. ? Organize creation of breakdown sheets Breakdown Sheets
  7. 7. ? Define amount of resources needed. Make lists for approval and evaluation of: props, makeup, costume, equipment etc. Resources
  8. 8. All stats and repots Fast & Smart breakdown Convenient Casting
  9. 9. Manage Projects Collaborate Online Keep Data in One Place
  10. 10. • Comprehensive Film/TV Production Control