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IDBI Intech - Lead Management Solution (LMS)


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Lead Management Solution

Published in: Business, Technology
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IDBI Intech - Lead Management Solution (LMS)

  1. 1. Lead Management Solution (i-LMS)Improve your chances!Please contact:Mr. Pramod Gosavi, +91 989 030 4884gosavi.pramod@idbiintech.comMr. Malik Fairose Ismail, +91 720 942
  2. 2. Lead Management Solution i-LMS is a secured web based communication mechanism to track potential businesses by registering leads generated through various sources. It provides a user friendly interface to access, assign, monitor leads and undertake contact management through Web an Mobile Channels. Looking beyond the obvious!
  3. 3. Key Features Secured Web based application Leads created through multiple sources SMS / Email Alerts to the Assignee Lead / Sales Dashboards Rich and User Friendly MIS Time Management and Reminders Tracking and Rescheduling Looking beyond the obvious!
  4. 4. Sources of Leads Web Portal SMS Agencies Branches Data warehouse (Batch Upload) Looking beyond the obvious!
  5. 5. Lead Generation through Web Portal Customer will click the Link available on the portal He will be directed to the data capturing page He will fill the form with complete details and click submit. He will receive an instant on-screen acknowledgement A unique Lead I.D. is generated The customer’s contact details and the Lead I.D. are forwarded to the i- LMS The branch manager will forward the lead to the Direct Selling Agent (DSA). DSA will approach the customer and update the lead in the i-Lead Tracker or via SMS to SHORTCODE. Looking beyond the obvious!
  6. 6. Lead Generation through SMS Customer sends an SMS KEYWORD to SHORTCODE He receives an instant acknowledgement from System A unique Lead I.D. is generated The SMS containing the Lead I.D. and customer’s mobile number is forwarded to the Branch Managers mobile. If the SMS contains the customer’s PIN Code, it is automatically directed to the respective DSE. The branch manager can also view the Lead details in the i-Lead Tracker. The branch manager will forward the lead to the DSA. DSA will approach the customer and update the lead via SMS to SHORTCODE. Looking beyond the obvious!
  7. 7. DSA – Update Leads through SMS Lead (Space) Lead I.D.*2*(Remarks-e.g. visited customer) e.g. Lead 1432*2*visited customer Lead (Space) Lead I.D.*3*(Remarks-e.g. obtained info) e.g. Lead 1432*3*obtained info. Lead (Space) Lead I.D.*4*(Remarks-e.g. given presentation) e.g. Lead 1432*4*given prod. presentation Lead (Space) Lead I.D.*5*(Remarks-e.g. follow up)*date and time e.g. Lead 1432*5*followed up*10-Aug-2009 (Space) 09:15 (24 hour format) Lead (Space) Lead I.D.*6*(Remarks-e.g. form submitted)*BOC NUMBER 12345*date and time e.g. Lead 1432*6*FORM SUBMITTED*12345*10-Aug-2009 (Space) 09:15 (24 hour format) Lead (Space) Lead I.D.*7*(Remarks-e.g. Policy completed)*POLICY NUMBER 123456789*date and time*Amt. Premium e.g. Lead 1432*7*Policy Completed*123456789*10-Aug-2009 (Space) 09:15*100000/- (24 hour format). Lead (Space) Lead I.D.*8*(Remarks-e.g. failed) e.g. Lead 1432*8*failed Looking beyond the obvious!
  8. 8. Application Architecture Data Center Internet cloud DMZ External Firewall Internal Firewall Web / Application Server Zonal Office WAN Network Internal Web Server Database Server SMS Short Code Provider Branch Office Looking beyond the obvious!
  9. 9. Thank You