IDBI Intech - iConnect - Payment Middleware Solution


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A light weight payment middleware that could help enterprise payment initiating systems (CBS or otherwise) to integrate with NEFT, RTGS, SWIFT, and other wide SFMS based financial networks. Helps achieve STP with no or less manual intervention.

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IDBI Intech - iConnect - Payment Middleware Solution

  1. 1. i-ConnectPlease contact:Mr. Pramod Gosavi, +91 989 030
  2. 2. iConnect iConnect gives you a competitive Straight Through Processing (STP) capability to process payment requests between Core Banking System or Trade Finance System and Payment systems like RTGS, NEFT, SWIFT, etc. iConnect can help you process a very large volume of transactions in no time, completely automated with no manual intervention. iConnect integrates nicely with your Core Banking System and with your existing Payment Initiation applications. What you get Increased revenue. Reduced expense. Increased operating margin. Speed. Quality. Reliability. Accuracy. Increased Customer Satisfaction Index. Audit. Comprehensive MIS Reporting. Analytics. Looking beyond the obvious!
  3. 3. iConnectApplication Layer NEFT RTGS SFMS SWIFT*Messaging Layer SFMS SWIFTTechnology Layer Open Technologies (Java, MQ) - Other such potential usages of SFMS as Letter of Credit, etc can be addressed * - All SWIFT message types are supported Looking beyond the obvious!
  4. 4. iConnect – Interaction Layout iConnect NEFT (for NEFT) Core Banking iConnect System (CBS) RTGS (for RTGS) or Enterprise Application (iConnect iConnect SFMS Client) (for SFMS) iConnect SWIFT (for SWIFT) Looking beyond the obvious!
  5. 5. iConnect and its features Cost effective and efficient middleware between any Core Banking System or Trade Finance System and Payment systems like RTGS, SWIFT, ACS etc. Provide a staging area for data enrichment with due maker/checker and audit controls. Takes care of data gap in CBS. Provide secure pipe for transmission of data from CBS to payment gateway. Data consistency through seamless integration with CBS. Supports comprehensive MIS reporting capability. iConnect can be configured to handle all types of SWIFT messages – from Category 1XX to 9XX. iConnect can be configured to handle multiple payment gateways and messaging systems. Looking beyond the obvious!
  6. 6. iConnect and features (continued) iConnect can be integrated any Core Banking System. The user friendly data mapping feature can be used to enable automatic data extraction from the CBS. The solution can be configured to support different error rules as defined by SWIFT. iConnect can be configured to support customized message structure and data validation rules. Looking beyond the obvious!
  7. 7. Key Business Benefits Increased Customer Satisfaction. Improved turn around time (TAT), and reduced cost of operations. Guaranteed return on technology investment. Data from Core Banking System (CBS) is automatically pulled into iConnect. This process eliminates duplicate data entry and reduces the overall processing time. Can be launched across the branches. Quick rollout and faster go-to- market with payment capability. Data consistency and integrity are maintained between CBS and iConnect. Eliminates errors and reduces manual audit and rework. Improves operational efficiency. User friendly application. Requires only little manual maintenance effort. Reduced training cost. The solution has been designed to be lightweight and hence is not resource hungry. Tested for high performance. Developed using Enterprise Java. Portable across many platforms. Vendor neutral, and thus offers wide deployment options to business. Looking beyond the obvious!
  8. 8. Clients using i-Connect Looking beyond the obvious!
  9. 9. Thank you