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And then there were none


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Questions to discuss after watching "And then there were none". Questions written by students after watching the movie.

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And then there were none

  1. 1. And then there were none...
  2. 2. Questions to answer and discuss
  3. 3. Questions to answer and discuss1. Did you like the movie? Why? Why not?2. What is the movie about?3. Do you like crime movies? Why? Why not?4. What was good in the movie, and what was bad?5. Why were they all on the island?
  4. 4. 6. Who was the murderer?7. Who did you think was the murderer? Why?8. Who was your favourite character and why?9. What part of the movie did you like the most?10. What do you think about old movies like this one?11.What is the difference between old movies and new movies?
  5. 5. 12. Do you think that Lombard and the girl had feelings for each other? Explain why.13. Why was the movie so nerve wracking? Give a few examples to support your theory.14. What do you think about the ending? Was it as you expected? Explain why!