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5 w ver.3

  1. 1. Abhay Ida Jay MallieMalik See the Full Story WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? WHY? HOW? 5W
  2. 2. Clash of the Bearded Ones Photo illustration by Peter Rand On a windy Monday night, Pete’s Candy Store—a bar in Williamsburg with a railcar-shaped performance space in the back—is crammed to capacity with the thin and the bearded. Almost no one is drinking. The mood is pregame, expectant and nervous. We’re at one of the oddest New York City powwows in recent memory: a panel designed to quell a metastasizing dispute between bicyclists and Hasidic Jews. Except no Hasids are present. For a moment, it looks like the bicyclists will have to debate themselves. At immediate issue is the Bedford Avenue bike lane. It’s the longest in Brooklyn and runs through every imaginable ethnic enclave—including the South Williamsburg redoubt of the Satmars, the ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish sect. In December, after many complaints from the Satmars about “scantily clad” female riders, the city sandblasted off a small stretch of the lane; some enterprising bikers painted it back in protest; the city then painted over the unauthorized paint job. Now two activists are up on criminal-mischief charges, the lane is gone, and the two groups are glowering at each other with even less empathy than usual. Worse yet, each group finds itself standing in for a larger one in a larger fight: the Satmars for all Orthodox Jews and the bikers for all young secular Williamsburgers, i.e. hipsters Finally, the opponents are at the door. The Hasids are a group of three led by 59-year-old Isaac Abraham, an erstwhile candidate for the City Council and a self-appointed spokesman for the Satmars. The trio is bearded, too, of course, but differently so: These are authority beards. Heritage beards. Abraham finds his seat on the cramped stage and requests a glass of water, cracking, “Make sure it’s not spiked.” He’s attuned to the absurdity of the premise: Three Hasids and 120 cyclists walk into a bar. The hipster incursion began in the late nineties and was first written off as a fluke—some strangely dressed types poking around the abandoned warehouses and factories. The initial reaction, says Isaac Abraham, who has lived in the neighborhood for 58 years after emigrating from Austria (“Schwarzenegger country!”), was indifference. “Maybe the red carpet wasn’t out for them, but they came in masses and there was no objection from the community. Everybody went on with their daily lives.”
  3. 3. thePROBLEM Traditional print media can be too long, incomplete, and disengaging Consumer Journalist 1 Understanding a full story takes consistent engagement from beginning 2 Sound bites are incomplete 3 Any one media format can fall short 1 Being thorough can be less direct 2 On hot stories, it’s hard to establish expertise of a topic 3 Using a single media type limits the reporting that goes into story
  4. 4. theSOLUTION The fiveW tool delivers quick reports as complete stories in a familiar format and enables consumer interaction.
  5. 5. the5W ui
  6. 6. theEVOLUTION Quick Reports  Organized visual presentation allows users to quickly consume the story Complete Story  Strict 5W template (and 1H) ensures a complete story Familiar Format  Standard templates provides a familiar format and takes out the guess work of finding info Consumer Interaction  Interactive multimedia helps journalists grab consumers and enables consumers to take a deeper dive
  7. 7. theECOSYSTEM CITIZEN JOURNALISTCITIZEN JOURNALIST 5W CONSUMERS News junkies Readers looking for quick reference CITIZEN JOURNALIST  Unpaid  Journalism Enthusiast  Honor Code CITIZEN JOURNALIST The 5W ecosystem is a rich, open community of citizen journalists and interested consumers
  8. 8. theFEATURES Visualizing the 5W
  9. 9. Abhay Ida Jay MallieMalik See the Full Story WHO? WHAT? WHERE? WHEN? WHY? HOW? 5W QUESTIONS & ANSWERS