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Winter driving Interstate 84


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Gowen Field Airmen must be aware of the increased dangers of driving Interstate 84 during the winter months especially between mile markers 60-80.

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Winter driving Interstate 84

  1. 1. I-84 Winter Rollover SafetyGoal: -Educate all FW Airmen -Many 124FW personnel commute between Mountain Home and Boise. - Danger area on I-84 between mile marker (MM) 60 & 80 MISSION FIRST – SAFETY ALWAYS
  2. 2. I-84 Winter Rollover SafetyBetween MM 60 & 80:• slow down• exercise extreme cautionwhen driving in inclement winterweather conditions. MISSION FIRST – SAFETY ALWAYS
  3. 3. I-84 Winter Rollover SafetyDuring winter precipitation, roadconditions in• Boise and• Mountain Homewill be significantly better than on I-84 between MM 60 & 80. MISSION FIRST – SAFETY ALWAYS
  4. 4. 366 FW POV Mishaps, 2000-Present366 FW Airmen suffered88 serious POV accidents (8 fatal, 1permanent disability).25 of 88 (28%) were on I-84 between MountainHome and Boise.3 of those 25 were fatal. MISSION FIRST – SAFETY ALWAYS
  5. 5. 366 FW POV Mishaps, 2000-PresentOf those 25 serious FW POV mishaps on I-84:- 8 due to ice/snow road conditions (2 fatal)- 8 due to driver error (speed, rear end, failure to merge)- 3 due to texting/cellphone/distraction- 2 due to driver falling asleep- 2 due to alcohol (1 fatal)- 2 due to hydroplaning on wet surface MISSION FIRST – SAFETY ALWAYS
  6. 6. I-84 Serious Vehicle Accidents 2005-2009 (numbers include military & civilian accidents) Concentration of accidents in this region40 rollovers inice/snow/slush 72 rollovers in ice/snow/slush “micro-climate” 29 rollovers in ice/snow/slush
  7. 7. FW Ice/Snow Rollovers on I-84, 2000-Present (366FW personnel) A1C/Broken Ribs/Jan 04 (MM 64) Capt/Injured Shoulder/Nov 06 (MM 65)Only 3 other FW rollovers due to ice/snow from 2000- A1Cs/Broken Neck, Arm/Dec 10 (MM 69) present, all out of state A1C/Head Trauma/Dec 09 (MM 71) SSgt/Fatal/Jan 05 (MM 71) Stage Stop Gas Station (Exit 71) SrA and family/No Injuries/Jan 11 (MM 72) Fat City Fireworks Simco Road (Exit 74) SSgt/Broken Ribs/Dec 09 (MM 74) AB/Fatal/Jan 11 (MM 79) Mountain Home (Exits 90 & 95)
  8. 8. Mitigate the Risk to Your Airmen & Families-CCs be aware-Educate your Airmen-Check type (concrete) & elevation affect I-84 road conditions-Road conditions in Boise and MH better thanbetween MM 60 & 80-Slower than posted speed limit- Encounter ice MISSION FIRST – SAFETY ALWAYS
  9. 9. Mitigate the Risk to Your Airmen & Families -Use extra caution between approx MM 60 & 80-Information contained in this presentation was gathered by a study conducted by the 366FW Safety Office MISSION FIRST – SAFETY ALWAYS