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NGAID 2012 Legislative Briefing


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The National Guard Officer's Association of Idaho encourages all active and retired officers to join us and make your voice heard in the Idah

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NGAID 2012 Legislative Briefing

  1. 1. Legislative Briefing
  2. 2. Honoring the Guard’s HeritageThe National Guard Association of the United States(NGAUS) was created in 1878 for the purpose of providingunited National Guard representation before Congress.Today, just as then, NGAUS seeks toobtain betterequipment, standardized training and a more combat-readyforce by petitioning Congress for resources.
  3. 3. President’s Top Priorities 1. Grow Membership 2. Work Capitol Hill 3. Endow the Educational FoundationMG (Ret) Gus Hargett President, NGAUS
  4. 4. NGAUS Legislative Staff Richard Green Peter Duffy Emily Sass Kevin McColaughLegislative Director Deputy Director Joint Senior Legislative Affairs Senior Legislative Affairs Programs Manager - Air Programs Manager - Army Programs Dixie Ross Anthony Wallis Annie Lively Legislative Analyst Legislative Assistant Legislative Assistant Joint Programs Air Programs Army Programs
  5. 5. Driving the Conversation on Capitol Hill"We have a battle-proven, operationalforce, and it would be a disservice forour National Guard to revert back topre-9/11 levels of equipment, readinessand training.” MG (Ret) Gus Hargett, testifying before the Senate Appropriations Subcommittee on Defense, June 22, 2011
  6. 6. Working Capitol Hill
  7. 7. National Guard EmpowermentLast year, NGAUS executed a successful “all hands ondeck” approach to build support for the NationalGuard Empowerment, signed into law by thePresident! The key provisions: Created a permanent seat on the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Chief of the National Guard Bureau Re-established the position of Vice Chief, National Guard Bureau at the Three-Star level
  8. 8. FY2012 Accomplishments Behavior health support for members of the Reserve Component during scheduled unit training assemblies Reemployment Rights for Title 32 National Guard duty Expansion of state licensure exceptions for certain health care professionals to facilitate access to healthcare for National Guard soldiers in rural and remote areas NGREA: $325 million for ARNG & $315 million for ANG MILCON: $773.6 million for ARNG & $116.2 million for ANG $47.2 million for ANG F-15 Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) Radar
  9. 9. Guard Funding from FY03-FY12 % Increase in Budget from FY03 to FY12 Air Force 27.6% DOD 42.5% ANG 44.3% Army 47.3% ARNG 58.9% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70%National Guard accounts have been among the highest recipients of this increased funding over thepast 10 years.Army Guard accounts went from $9.6 billion in FY03 to $15.3 billion in FY12, an increase of $5.7 billionor a nearly 60% increase.Over the same period, Air National Guard accounts went from $6.4 billion to $9.3 billion, an increaseof $2.9 billion or an increase of 44%.
  10. 10. FY2013 PrioritiesCost Effective, Readily Accessible Solution for Leverage ANG PrinciplesAmerica’s National Defense Continue use of cost-effective basing using shared Maintain a fully operational, relevant, and ready 21st infrastructure and runways with non-DoD members Century National Guard for timely response to Increase balance of higher cost per flying hour platforms contingency and domestic operations to a more experienced force with less training  Support shifting Active Component missions and requirements manpower into the National Guard to maintain Fully Equip and Modernize the ARNG capabilities and improve efficiencies at a fraction of the cost and ANG Continue to provide funding for ARNG equipment andPersonnel Initiatives the National Guard and Reserves Equipment Account Establish dwell time medical readiness (NGREA) for critical dual-use equipment Worldwide Space A travel for Reserve Modernize legacy ANG platforms guaranteeing no gap in Component members and dependents National Defense capabilities or missions prior to fielding Fund embedded mental health programs of next generation weapon systems Veteran status for all retired members Allow employers to pay TRS with pre-tax Modernize National Guard Facilities dollars Provide robust military construction funding to assure modern and functional training and mobilization facilitiesEarly Retirement Credit Support Guard and Reserve Initiative (GRI) funds to Authorize retroactive credit to September provide flexible options for critical infrastructure projects 11, 2001 Provide an incentive for continued service beyond 20 years by authorizing one year early retirement credit for every two years served beyond twenty
  11. 11. Get Involved!
  12. 12. Know Your Congressional Delegation
  13. 13. Write to CongressLast year, NGAUS members sent 124,638 letters using ourWrite to Congress feature!We’re doing great…but we can and mustdo better!
  14. 14. NGAUS Resolutions Process―Grassroots-Up‖ Approach to Resolutions States submit draft resolutions, adopted at state conferences, directly to NGAUS – MAY 15th Deadline; Emergencies due by 7/31 Reviewed by stakeholders—NGB, NGAUS Task Forces – MAY to AUGUST Voted on/approved at NGAUS general conference – AUGUST/SEPTEMBER
  15. 15. NGAUS Resolutions Process―Grassroots-Up‖ Approach (CONTINUED) Resolutions Published at NGAUS Industry Day – DECEMBER Prioritized by NGAUS Task Force Chairs and form legislative agenda for the next year – NOVEMBER to JANUARY Worked on Capitol Hill – JANUARY to DECEMBER
  16. 16. NGAUS Task Forces NGAUS CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD NGAUS MG Frank Vavala PRESIDENT (DE) MG (Ret.) Gus Hargett NGAUS VC - ARMY NGAUS VC - AIR MG John Walsh Brig Gen William Burks (MT) (NV) FIRE SUPPORT COMBAT VEHICLE COMBAT AIR FORCES MOBILITY AIR FORCES AVIATION MG Robert Bray MG Wesley Craig Brig Gen Jeff Johnson Brig Gen Harold ReedBG Eric Peck (KS) (RI) (PA) (DC) (WY) C4I CS/CSS COMBAT SUPPORT MISSION SUPPORT ENGINEER Maj Gen Scott Rice Col Murray Hansen COL Jim Begley BG M. WashburnBG Jeff Holmes (TN) (MA) (GA) (DE) (IN) PERSONNEL/BENEFITS HOMELAND SECURITY MEDICAL BG Kathy Wright MG Herbert Newton Lt Col Preston Smith (WY) (SC) (PA)