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Comm101 Online Course Menu


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Comm101 Online Course Menu

  1. 1. INTERACTIVE PRESENTATION: WE SUGGEST YOU DOWNLOAD Click one of the red menu buttons For an explanation page of each function (Or you can press the space bar and advance linearly) Course familiarization THE COMM 101 COURSE MENU
  2. 2. SYLLABUS/SCHEDULE  button links to the course Syllabus. The Syllabus is a keystone document for this course. It has class information, expectations, grading requirements, etc.   This button also links to the “Course Calendar”. The Course Calendar provides a visual map of course objectives and assessments. You should make consistent reference to both of these documents to ensure that you are achieving all the objectives of the course.
  3. 3. FACULTY INFO  button links to your instructor’s page for a brief biography, contact information, and office hours.
  4. 4. ASSIGNMENTS  button links to weekly folders. A folder contains that week’s assignments, objectives, and assessments.  This button will most likely be the button that you will start your work with.
  5. 5. LECTURES  button links to the important components of class lectures.  Lecture Notes this links to the notes that your instructor uses to deliver presentations. Many students will print these out and add notes of their own as they watch lectures.   PowerPoints This button links to your instructor’s PowerPoints. Many students use these as flashcards as they study for quizzes/exams.   Lecture Videos are available through this link. Students will watch these lectures in preparation for coursework and quizzes, and to supplement textbook reading.   It is important to note that some lecture videos may not become available until later in the week. We upload the lectures as they occur in our face-to- face classes.
  6. 6. QUIZZES/EXAMS  button will lead each student to the quizzes or exams that will be administered during that week’s module.  You can find Exam Reviews there.
  7. 7. GROUP DISCUSSIONS  button links to the Group Discussion Board, Group e-mail, and Group Collaboration.  In this course, your gateway to all things “Group.”
  8. 8. EXERCISES  button links to the specific requirements of course exercises and, upon occasion, to examples of exemplary work by previous students.  Since you will be submitting your exercises for revision to the writing center, there are also links to the writing center.
  9. 9. SPEECH DETAILS  button links to the specific speech requirements, tips, and outline requirements for your speeches.  Links to videos of Demonstration Speeches.
  10. 10. SELF EVALUATION PAPER  button links to the specific requirements of your culminating paper. This self evaluation paper, assigned toward the end of the course, will ask you to consider your development and continuing needs as a communicator.
  11. 11. MY GRADES button links to your Grade book. You should check your Grade book frequently. After you instructor enters a grade and you leave it uncontested for a week, we consider it correct and permanent.  If you suspect your instructor entered a mistaken grade— notify them immediately.
  12. 12. ASK THE INSTRUCTOR  button links to the Ask the Instructor Discussion Board. You should post generic questions that have value to other students in the “Ask the Instructor” discussion board. In other words, if other students are likely to have or benefit from the question, post in this thread.
  13. 13. STUDENT RESOURCES  button links to this resource cornucopia for students. The list is too long to include here.  You should definitely familiarize yourself with this button.  this button also has a folder with Screencasts. Screencasts are recordings of a computer in action. They will help you to perform some of the technological functions of the course.
  14. 14. EXTRA CREDIT INFORMATION  button links to extra credit opportunities that “may” be given over the course of the semester.
  15. 15. COURSE EVALUATION  this button will become functional 1 to 2 weeks prior to the semester end. It links to the course evaluation survey and will be an extra credit opportunity for the students.