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Case study - Inclusion of pupil with quadriplegia


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This case study was produced by CRTIC Chaves in the scope of european project SENnet in 2013, addressing a pupil with special needs and her inclusion in a regular classroom.

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Case study - Inclusion of pupil with quadriplegia

  1. 1. Case Study Inclusion of Pupil with Quadriplegia by CRTIC Chaves Inclusion of a pupil with quadriplegia, using assistive technology, a way to access curriculum. CRTIC Chaves_2013 1 Chaves, July 2013 Adalgisa Babo e Joaquim Virgílio Ribeiro
  2. 2. Study objectives Purpose: To assess the impact of using assistive technology for reading and writing by a pupil with quadriplegia. CRTIC Chaves_2013 2 Objectives: - To observe the interaction of the student with assistive devices; - To verify the best use of devices to support the teaching and learning process; - To ckeck the need for more effective devices
  3. 3. Study promoted by CRTIC Chaves The ICT Resource Centre for Special Needs of Chaves is situated in the Schools Cluster Dr. António Granjo, at Basic School Dr. Francisco G. Carneiro CRTIC Chaves_2013 3 It aims to assess pupils/students with special needs in what regards assistive technologies and provide personalized counceling to teachers and parents.
  4. 4. Study conducted at a Basic School of Schools Cluster Gomes Monteiro Located at Boticas village, Boticas municipality Vila Real District North of Portugal CRTIC Chaves_2013 4
  5. 5. Basic School of Schools Cluster Gomes Monteiro CRTIC Chaves_2013 5
  6. 6. CRTIC Chaves_2013 6 Cristiana’s Assessment International Classification of Functioning (ICF) Severe impairment in respiratory system (b440.3) Severe impairment in mobility of joints and bones (b710.3) Severe impairment in the control of voluntary movement (b 760.3 Severe impairment in functions related to muscle power (b730.3) Complete impairment .gait pattern dysfunction (b770.4) Severe impairment in sensations related to muscles and movement (b780.3) Severe impairment in performing fine motor activities with the hands (d440.3) Difficulty in concentration, attention to problems, maintaining attention, easily distracted with no apparent reason (d.160.2)
  7. 7. CRTIC Chaves_2013 7 Educational Measures recommended to Cristiana (according to Decree-Law no. 3/2008, 7 January) Personalized Pedagogical Support – article 17 Individual Curricular Adaptations – article 18 Assessment process adaptations – article 20 Assistive Technology – article 22
  8. 8. CRTIC Chaves_2013 8 •No muscles strength to hold objects by hand; •Severe impairment of hand; •She is not able to hold pencil, pen, etc. School attendance is affected; All tasks requiring manipulation by hand – writing on paper, painting, reading books, etc – are compromised. Cristiana assessment at CRTIC Chaves
  9. 9. CRTIC Chaves_2013 9 “Kids Keyboard” Bright colour keys and larger size keys (than conventional ones); Keys are resistant and easier to touch by Cristiana; Easy connection to computer by USB, plug and play. “KidTRAC” (mouse) Trackball – adequate format and shape to support the hand; Easy connection to computer by USB, plug and play. Educational Measures recommended to Cristiana :Improvement in reading and writing with assistive technology
  10. 10. CRTIC Chaves_2013 10 Teaching Methodology The SEN teacher supports class teacher reinforcing writing and reading skills in the use of special software, namely «Aventuras II» as well as Office software (Word). Pupils use «Aventuras» as their digital workbook. Contents produced by the pupil are added as evidence of what the pupil learns: • writing sentences, expressions or words; • adding images, photos or drawings; • illustrating words with drawings, associating them; • playing educational games.
  11. 11. CRTIC Chaves_2013 11 Experimentation and testing the use of virtual keyboard, with auto scan and pressure switch. Cristiana future re-assessment at CRTIC Chaves Later on, after acquiring the reading and writing basic skills:
  12. 12. CRTIC Chaves_2013 12