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Nigel J. Robinson - ZooBank and Zoological Record - a partnership for success


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Since its origin in 1864, ZR has had a close association with the taxonomic community, particularly with the Zoological Society of London. ZR was founded in 1864 by a group of scientists associated with the British Museum. It continued, supported by Society until 1980 when a partner was sought and BIOSIS took over production activities. In 2004, BIOSIS realised that with limited resources we could not achieve our aims and put our ideas into practice without further partnerships, so in January 2004, BIOSIS (including ZR) was acquired by the Thomson Corporation, and the new ownership is now starting to pay dividends. Over that 150 years or so, there have been difficult times, but ZR is still here and still has the same purpose it had in 1864 - to serve the community and disseminate taxonomic, biodiversity and zoological information for the benefit of scientific research.

This presentation discusses ZR, and the new free Index to Organism Names service which serves to demonstrate our commitment as Thomson to this initiative. I will also discuss how the partnership between ZR and ICZN might work from the ZR perspective.

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Nigel J. Robinson - ZooBank and Zoological Record - a partnership for success

  1. 1. Zoological RecordTM& ZooBank:a partnership for successNigel RobinsonDirector, Operations & DevelopmentThomson Zoological Limited
  2. 2. Association with the community• 1864 – Scientists associated with British Museum &Zoological Society• 1880-1980 – Zoological Society support• 1980-2003 – Zoological Society/BIOSIS partnership• 2003 – BIOSIS• 2004 – Thomson Scientific• Zoological Record & data capture• Index to Organism Names project
  3. 3. Zoological Record• Oldest continuing life science reference database• Comprehensive coverage• Unparalleled breadth and depth of coverage ofbiodiversity, zoology and animal biology• Authoritative record of taxonomy & nomenclature• New names with metadata• Taxonomic & nomenclatural acts• High archival value
  4. 4. Zoological Record content• 32 staff in York• 5000 journals, plus conference proceedings, books, monographsfrom 100 countries – bring together disparate sources• 72,000 items per year• Gather 20,000 new names per year• Metadata currently gathered• Name• Authorship• Reference• Type locality (country level)• Type horizon• Type host• Page reference in journal where description appears• 1.7 million article archive to 1978…….and growing• Monthly updates
  5. 5. The ZR/ZooBank partnership• Partnership• Experience in working with non profit organizations• Technology• Ongoing data capture & quality checking• Most up to date – items indexed in 2-11 days of receipt• Most complete• Existing names back file• Archive digitization• Commitment to open access services• BiologyBrowser (• Index to Organism Names (
  6. 6. Index to Organism NamesEnter a basic or advancedsearchBrowse and searchfor names using thetaxonomic hierarchy
  7. 7. Index to organism Names - DetailsView results listand expand tosee detailsLinks to indexingand full articlesRecent articlesand web sites
  8. 8. Zoological Record IndexingAbstractIndexing & additionalnomenclatural actsLinks to fulltext
  9. 9. Index to Organism Names - submissionUsers can submitpublications or names forinclusion in ZR
  10. 10. Index to Organism Names - AlertsRSS alerts for new namesclassified to each term thehierarchy
  11. 11. Nigel Robinsonnigel.robinson@thomson.comQuestions???