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Hotel du Petit Moulin


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Hotel du Petit Moulin

  1. 1. HOTEL DU PETIT MOULIN How to improve its online visibility Amandine Mathisse Thomas Quatre
  2. 2. HOTEL DU PETIT MOULIN Boutique Hotel in the Marais district Designed by Christian LacroixPart of the independent brand “Romantikhotels” Historic building
  3. 3. BRAND IDENTITY POSITION “Boutique Hotel Paris”Appears in the first page thanks to Google Places with Safari and doesn’t show up with I.E. Strategy, add these adwords: • Design • “Romantik” brand • Romantic • Theme
  4. 4. PROPERTY LOCATION POSITION “Boutique Hotel marais”The hotel doesn’t show up in the first 5 pages using Safari and I.E. Strategy add these adwords: • Centre Pompidou • Marais • Notre Dame • Bastille
  5. 5. EXPERIENCE TAGS POSITION “Boutique hotel Paris createur” The hotel doesn’t show up in the first five pages using Safari and I.E.Strategy, add these adwords:• Design• Christian Lacroix• Historic building• Creator