1K - Square Rooms Magazine Feature


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Our apartment featured in Square Rooms magazine

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1K - Square Rooms Magazine Feature

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  2. 2. fi!r'si *'rl rquot;t' l quot;ttse (l tl l r('el )t !l t,,t,o d r i i :'quot;i '16,0(X ) P te l ...ttl ir r ll5 s ( l r n l' r ' ir it l c a ; llt r l n l ( ' n I S Ij:,' 1t;' photog'r 'aph'r : :tl t'r l teng flauntit; or betteryet, f you lovesomething, buildyourwodd aroundit. Thatwas precisely and Winnie what newlyweds D'Angelo Eric Henghad in mindfor theirone-year-old nest love Purchased the paintings, by and two special territory one of on couplefromthe Indo-chinese by trips,the largeartworks theirmanyoverseas T]PCL makeup a arlistVu HongNguyen, Vietnamese focalpointand are parl of the design much-loved Tanjong home,ofF For avid garxers basisfor this newlyrenovated like th e D' Ar r g e lo s. KatongRoad. a p ivo tir r g le visio n te werethe D'Angelos the by So mesmerised r in it is tlte u ltir n a te envisioned family a thatthey instantly worksof ar1 in du r lg e n ce . pieces. theselovely statement homebuiltaround briefto DanWu from In fact,thatwas theirinitial task, Challenged an uphill with FuseConcept. Dantook on the job, but quickly provided clever solutions allowed D'Angelos showcase to the that theirprideandjoy,A stuccotintedfeature wallwas canvas, roomfor the larger living created the in areafor the smaller and a backlitwallin the dining painting. onlydoesthisgiveeachpiecea Not add a vibrant placebut the vividcolours prominent appeal the home. to 7ryru
  3. 3. !'t Eefore w lti in,,. {1 t.gi rr- 'i,i ,I I Cn top of that,the D'Angelos requested the hometo for adhere a chic,modernresorl to philosophy. achieve these, To Danchosea warm colourpalette consisting hueslikegreyand of roomso as brownfor the living with the colout{ul not to compete setteetakes art. A largeL-shaped precedence the living roomwhile in sufficiently dark cottoncurlains raysand shieldharshafternoon quot;,t f a shaggy rug on the floor tuft textured, keepsthingsinterestingly I g ,I whileadhering the warmcolour to e clean.nruted scheme.Splashes whitein the of colourpaletteis coffeetable form of a sculptural chosenfor the pieces were and otherdecorational diningroom, alsothrownin to offsetthe darker wherewhite plasticchairsare the unifying scheme things, of usedto sparingly flush. lookin one seamless entire perfection. t qquot;miLJ&Mf fJffiW'l%
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  6. 6. The master bath cont inuest h e modern resod them e wit h r t s l i beralus e of t i m b e r fi n is hings d an b l i nCs . c -4' li li :fi jtt i|lL i ji ;,'.'. r i:)ii-LXil(l'ut,riiir,i !lo(')i-r '''t,:fil::) 1quot;, . li , ii r e;