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A little off the lines - email marketing tips


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A few off the lines strategy which helps

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A little off the lines - email marketing tips

  1. 1. Email Marketing Tips
  2. 2.   When having a purpose, diving the viewer’s eyes to the point of focus is the prime requirement. From all perspectives, having a single point of focus increases the value and perks that can be derived from the mailer.
  3. 3.  Everyone talks about dominance of the major element or the ‘Z’ arrangement of graphics and text in the mailer.  Why not think about rewriting the age old practices?
  4. 4.  Tempt the readers to click.  Twist and turn the layout.  Sketch your way to the heart
  5. 5. When sending a mailer that has few elements, the scope for clicks increases. The logic behind this is simple… CURIOSITY.
  6. 6.   If there is an element of curiosity or if can arouse the zeal in your readers, you can get them to click and move in the path you have defined.   This can definitely be brilliant way to increase your click rates and thus, improve your domain reputation.
  7. 7.  Tweak the alignment of elements within the mailer to bring in an all new look! 
  8. 8.  Typical horizontal and vertical layouts bore the readers beyond a certain time.  Changes in the presentation can escalate interest and thus get the reader to search for more within the mailer.  If you bring in consistency in surprising the readers with such differently shaped mailers, you can definitely work towards building up loyalty.
  9. 9.  When the readers are tired of seeing the images and flashy words all around their inbox, a mailer that goes low on the graphics and extravagant content can strike attention.  Craft your message in simple sketches and add life to your mailers.
  10. 10. Going by the trial and error method here, we can analyze the responses we receive from the readers and finalize the way forward.
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