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Th hauge rina-workshop-sdn-virtualisation_neil


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Slicing, SDN, Virtualisation in RINA

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Th hauge rina-workshop-sdn-virtualisation_neil

  1. 1. ©PredictableNetworkSolutionsLtd2016 Slicing / SDN / Virtualisation and RINA Slicing / SDN / Virtualisation and RINA Neil Davies| Chief Scientist | Predictable Network Solutions SDN World Congress 2016, The Hague, October 2016
  2. 2. ©PredictableNetworkSolutionsLtd2016 Slicing / SDN / Virtualisation and RINA 2Networks create….
  3. 3. ©PredictableNetworkSolutionsLtd2016 Slicing / SDN / Virtualisation and RINA 3 Sharing yet isolation • Connectivity Isolation • both closed user groups and generic connectivity • rich models yet low complexity • bespoke and flexible • uniformity and reproducibility • Performance Isolation • assured QoE/UX • on application relevant timescales • on demand • at best price • at lowest non-delivery risk Sharing yet managed risks • Security • Assurance of closed user groups • Meet territorial / regulatory constraints • Non-discretionary access control • multi-level • Direct control over issues of privacy and identity • given potential for ruin risk • Costs • want to resell / wholesale • large / anchor customers • capitalise costs • infrastructure joint-ownership • High resource utilisation Slicing unpacked …. Key: • Most relevant to customer/consumer • Most relevant to supplier/service producer • Equally relevant to both parties
  4. 4. ©PredictableNetworkSolutionsLtd2016 Slicing / SDN / Virtualisation and RINA 4Isolation of connectivity in RINA … • Ability to manage association(s) • At all layers • Freedom from “forced association” • A critical weakness of current IP-centric approaches • Both establish the rules of what is permissible AND have visibility of what actually has happened • Not just “policy” but assured/auditable policies • Consistent and integrated approach that maintains the separation of concerns between • authentication and identity • authorisation and access control for both network transport and the application computation at all layers in a single coherent framework
  5. 5. ©PredictableNetworkSolutionsLtd2016 Slicing / SDN / Virtualisation and RINA 5 • Performance ≢ bandwidth • It is quality in quantity over time • Apps need consistent end-to-end data transport to deliver consistent UX • bounded delay and loss • effective SLA / KPI metrics • bounded differently for different apps • requires management of emergent stat. mux. effects • Need to slice “quality” • essential for product differentiation • supports different cost points for different apps • RINA framework supports the appropriate signalling Isolation of performance ….
  6. 6. ©PredictableNetworkSolutionsLtd2016 Slicing / SDN / Virtualisation and RINA 6Information to construct and manage slicing RINA framework supports the flow of descriptions of “demand” (QoS Cubes) Has notion of aggregation of demand between DIFs Sufficient information to make appropriate decisions (RMT function) flow of “demand description”
  7. 7. ©PredictableNetworkSolutionsLtd2016 Slicing / SDN / Virtualisation and RINA 7Total cost of ownership - 1 • RINA offers simplification by appropriate separation of concerns • more layers, each simple (c.f. today’s trend: one layer very complicated) • In RINA every layer has the same set of functions, every layer has the same set of code • therefore code re-use is the norm • RINA’s framework makes code simple, easy to understand and maintain • so far there are 3 implementations (on a host) each around 25K SLOC; • adding in management system brings it to a total around 100K SLOC
  8. 8. ©PredictableNetworkSolutionsLtd2016 Slicing / SDN / Virtualisation and RINA 8Total cost of ownership – 2 • Polices are small and focussed • and re-usable (in other layers) because they target a standard API • deploying (and maintaining) new products/services going to be quick/low cost • Management mechanisms are uniform across all layers • Management can be centralised “orchestration” and/or • distributed (in policies) “choreography” • RINA can be incrementally deployed • Example: wrapping existing functions to make them “NFV” can be achieved with < 300 (sic) SLOC in RINA
  9. 9. ©PredictableNetworkSolutionsLtd2016 Slicing / SDN / Virtualisation and RINA 9SDN, NFV & RINA • RINA provides a coherent architecture for softwarization of networking • which can be incrementally applied • SDN provides rich set of mechanisms exposing the network to software control • RINA can exploit existing control models (e.g. Carrier Ethernet) • Can help to avoid signalling storms • A key goal of NFV is to leverage existing function assets • RINA provides low cost, composable ways of achieving this • Without modifying existing code