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Jan2008 ndmc shows situational apps at ajax world east


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Press announcement of NDMC's presentation at AjaxWorld East, New York.

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Jan2008 ndmc shows situational apps at ajax world east

  1. 1. NDMC PRESS INFORMATION NDMC shows how enterprise situational applications can work at AJAXWorld East 24 January 2008, NDMC – enterprise information management consultants – will be presenting case examples at AJAXWorld East in New York 18-th-20th March. NDMC will show how organisations can deploy trusted situational applications to service strategic information management priorities. Case studies will include European deployments in the public and private sector with examples covering compliance reporting, license management, competitive intelligence and streetworks. The ethos of Encanvas has always been to simplify the creation of situational applications for groups of users with specific needs that may have a short life span but have the capacity to sustain. These applications are often created within the group where they are used. What has made this simplicity of use possible has been the development of a strong library of pre-built building blocks (that Encanvas call ‘design objects’) so that users can point-and-click to create new situational applications combining user interface and portal design, business logic, data management and output. The new version of Encanvas provides a richer set of tools for database creation and enterprise integration with drag-and-drop formation of data feeds from all sources; providing capabilities you would expect from a heavyweight Enterprise Integration Application (EAI) environment. Andrew Lawrie, Encanvas’s CTO says, “Our clients have made it clear that they want more integration options. Whether it’s linking to legacy systems or bridging across RSS feeds, document repositories and intranets, they want to be able to painlessly gather data from anywhere. Within the applications they build, they might also want to create new databases, temporary data marts or simply use web services to put an agile layer over their existing databases. The new release of Encanvas delivers this through its code-free drag and drop development environment.” Another key feature of the new release is the introduction of asynchronous communications and the possibility of collaboratively developing situational applications over the internet via a standard web browser without needing downloads or plug-ins. Managing Director Nick Lawrie says, “It’s been on our agenda for some time to move the core platform of Encanvas into the realm of a collaborative workspace environment for remote working. There are many situations that demand collaboration and the shared use of information today that are poorly served by desktop sharing tools that are demanding on platform resources. Encanvas has always been about ZERO download, INSTANT on and with our asynchronous capabilities we’re still honouring that.” NDMC will be showing how corporations can create trusted enterprise scalable situational applications (sometimes called Enterprise Mashups) at AJAXWorld East in March hot on the heels of the new 1. 7.2 release. Ends. 1
  2. 2. NDMC PRESS INFORMATION About NDMC Established in 2012 and located in Marcham, Oxfordshire, NDMC is a multi-disciplinary information management consulting company. NDMC’s technology team specialises in the design and delivery of web-based information management portals. The company serves public and private sector organisations with web database (web portal software) solutions for information management that increase growth potential, cut operating costs and improve productivity. We are the people behind and software innovations. For more information visit, contact NDMC on or call (Europe) +44 1865 392150 (USA) +1 201 777 3398 Made in Britain Squork is a trade name of NDMC Ltd. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! Are recognised trademarks and names of their respective owners. 2