February 2012 ndmc launches squork mapping online mapping service_


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Press Announcement - Launch of Squork Mapping.

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February 2012 ndmc launches squork mapping online mapping service_

  1. 1. NDMC PRESS INFORMATION NDMC launches an online geo-mapping (GIS) service that’s affordable for businesses of all sizes 20th February 2012, Oxford, United Kingdom – NDMC Ltd announces the release of Squork Mapping, online mapping that makes *GIS software capabilities available to all. Squork Mapping manages the information management lifecycle of geospatial applications from initial capture - though analysis, presentation and sharing - to archival. As a service intended for business users, it offers the highest standards of security and control over data and access to maps. Business people that want to use mapping tools often find their needs fall between:  ‘Free’ consumer mapping tools like Google® Maps, Microsoft® Bing Maps and Yahoo!® Maps (that are not so FREE for businesses because vendors normally charge transaction fees when used for commercial use!) and..  Enterprise GIS software that is more costly and complex to use, and requires deep expertise. The result is that business professionals today find professional digital mapping tools are beyond their reach. When presented on maps geospatially, data comes to life. GIS software is used widely across many sectors including transport, research, logistics, government, asset management and civil engineering and is today a multi- million dollar business. Professional GIS software is normally used by experts for specific roles and functions within an organisation. Squork Mapping exploits openstreetmap.org mapping resources and gives business people affordable access to GIS tooling via an easy-to-use online spatial information management service. It serves the map plotting and sharing situations of the majority of commercial users rather than serving a minority need for expert mapping tools. Unlike consumer mapping solutions, Squork Mapping empowers business people to self-manage their location data uploads, editing and archival without needing to use an Applications Programming Interface (API), coding or scripting skills. Even integration with websites and intranets is easy with ready-to-paste HTML scripts and dedicated map URLs. Squork Mapping dramatically cuts the cost of delivering GIS capabilities by providing an online mapping service for a fixed monthly fee suitable for commercial use with no incremental charges for transaction volumes. While ® mapping sites like Google Maps are great for directions and route planning, Squork Mapping focuses on other mapping usage such as asset plotting, research, customer analysis, and geo-intelligence – giving users the ability to accurately upload multiple data-sets on the same map. *Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software tools provide the means for business professionals to capture, analyse and present their location-based data. A report by market research company TechNavio published in October 2011 predicts the GIS market in Europe to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% over the period 2010–2014. 1
  2. 2. NDMC PRESS INFORMATION Squork Mapping lets business people serve themselves with data uploads, pin plotting, data management, publishing, sharing and data archival for a variety of applications including:  Customer and market intelligence  Event planning and management  Surveys and market research (and crowd-plotting)  Adding maps to self-service customer portals  Customer service centre and CRM systems integration  Maps for Intranet, Extranet and public websites What you can do with Squork Mapping from £4.99 a month:  Bulk upload data via a spreadsheet using the formatted templated upload formats provided. Easy-to-use online wizard-style forms mean that users don’t require IT programming or GIS skills to complete information management tasks.  Create named-users and assign permissions to the data they can access and use.  Upload data with associated postcodes (or longitude, latitude digital coordinates) or alternatively plot pins by hand. Squork Mapping automatically assigns geo-references when data is published. Online data can be archived locally.  Give named-users the ability to “crowd-plot” and add their own pins (and associated data) to maps online.  Use the dedicated URLs to share map views, or the ready-to-cut-and-paste HTML script to embed maps into websites and blogs.  (Optional) NDMC provides an integration service to enable businesses to embed mapping into their existing applications, intranet sites and public websites to remove the need for manual uploads. Nick Lawrie, Managing Director of NDMC Ltd says, “As businesses come to understand the value of location-based data, so the demand for ‘situational mapping’ is growing. But while demand for business mapping is growing, supply of appropriate tools continues to be a problem given that most business people don’t have the IT or geospatial mapping skills to use GIS software tools designed for experts. We’re therefore delighted to be a catalyst for change by giving non-experts the means to harness mapping to improve customer service and reduce operating costs in their businesses. NDMC has delivered a significant number of enterprise GIS projects and we’re always surprised by the number of organisations that have spent thousands of pounds on their GIS software and yet still have paper maps on walls because they’re unable to create mapping applications as they need them.” Established in 2012 and located in Marcham, Oxfordshire, NDMC is a multi-disciplinary information management consulting company. NDMC’s technology team specialises in the design and delivery of web-based information management portals. The company serves public and private sector organisations with web database (web portal software) solutions for information management that increase growth potential, cut operating costs and improve productivity. We are the people behind www.encanvas.com and www.squork.com software innovations. For more information visit www.squork.com/maps, contact NDMC on press@ndmc.uk.com or call (Europe) +44 1865 392150 (USA) +1 201 777 3398 Made in Britain Squork is a trade name of NDMC Ltd. Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! Are recognised trademarks and names of their respective owners. 2