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Encanvas introduction 2017


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This presentation introduces the Encanvas DX platform in the context of digital transformation.

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Encanvas introduction 2017

  1. 1. Harvest insights, analyze.. and act on what matters June 2017 Digital Transformation?
  3. 3. About Us • Encanvas is a business software company specializing in live-Wireframing and code-less enterprise apps. • We help execs around the world to make sense of data and act on what matters. • Our apps leverage business data and supports the end-to-end process of accelerated business innovation - i.e. 'How do I trial quickly?' 'How do we learn quickly?' and 'How do we adapt our IT quickly?' Our software… 1. Harvests data from all sources to create actionable insights. 2. Installs operational analytics to learn from it. 3. Creates unlimited numbers of situational applications (without coding) to act on what matters. We give our customers the ability to turn data into a weapon for Business Improvement, Customer Service Excellence, Product Innovation, Marketing Analytics, Sales Analytics, Operational Analytics and Financial Analytics.
  4. 4. Gartner suggests at least two-thirds of all IT spending is just to sustain the business, not to change or transform the business. The focus of IT control has shifted to Line of Business (LoB) where applications needed to serve business need are easily ‘rented’. The perception is that corporate IT departments are brittle and overly governed. IT is in transition from information management to making data super useful. At the heart of “making information super useful” is looking closely at the intersection of people, processes, and information. One survey found that 72% of people admit to using unsanctioned cloud applications. Business units want access to productivity tools that integrate into the organization that relieve the burden and stress of the departments. Programming is the largest employer and biggest inhibitor to IT innovation. It makes building applications more complex, unpredictable… and produces more complex projects and applications with more bugs demanding more tuning and testing. Perhaps the biggest challenge is that programming creates an ‘us and them’ between IT and the business. It means IT cannot be embedded into change teams or hope to respond to the agile business demands of stakeholders in a digital age. It is no longer ‘fit for purpose’. Encanvas is a totally codeless application life-cycle. Encanvas uniquely de-skills situational applications development and support. Powering a Paradigm Shift in Consumerised Enterprise Computing
  5. 5. “Anything new and different is initially going to be misunderstood. It will be misunderstood by well-meaning critics, who are worried it might not work out. It will be misunderstood by self- interested critics, who have a profit stream connected to the old way. If you can’t weather this kind of criticism, then whatever you do, don’t do anything new.” Amazon founder Jezz Bezos.
  7. 7. The majority of businesses are already undergoing a formal digital transformation effort “Is your organization undergoing a formal digital transformation effort in 2014?”
  8. 8. For digital transformation to succeed LoB managers need to harvest, analyze and act on useful information When the majority of IT spend is allocated to keeping the lights on… …the people that make your business decisions, drive change, growth, innovation and customer experience are left without the fit-for-purpose apps they need. In the digital age, businesses run on data. Traditional enterprise IT has no ‘engine’ to produce the situational applications that businesses need affordably, repeatedly or quickly enough.
  9. 9. Where Encanvas (PaaS) Exists in Enterprise Architecture CostVector Differentiation PaaS Sweet Spot Encanvas PaaS speeds time to value by: • Providing codeless development environment where apps are modelled rather than hand coded • Baking in project management tooling and feedback following agile codeless methods • Automatically deploying, scaling and healing applications – key feature is to allow changes to easily be applied to existing applications • Simplifying integration to 3rd party systems • Providing a library of pre-built components and providing a commercial marketplace for apps. High Business Value Low Business Value Standard Processes Unique Processes SaaS Spreadsheets Bespoke PaaS ‘Situational Applications’ ERP $$$ Risk
  10. 10. Contextualizing Encanvas to modern IT Trends •Uses geo-spatial intelligence to plot assets, show business intelligence on top of maps (incl. Googlemaps), and drill-though to detailed dashboards, charts, reports… •End-point security tooling validates data format and ‘checks’ before data is uploaded from sensors and data end-points. •Apply business intelligence applications to turn ‘data’ from IoT into enterprise applications to create new digital value chains. Internet of Things •Harvests big data with integration to all major databases including SAP, Oracle, IBM DB2, MySQL and SQL Server. Incorporates advanced extract, transform technologies and machine-to-machine flow management tooling including quarantining, normalization, de-duping, cleansing etc. •Analyzes it with business intelligence, geo-spatial intelligence, drill-through charts and self-service reports. Applies relative date and natural language search. •Act on data by creating new applications using workshop agile codeless authoring. Big Data •Formalizes cross functional and cross-community workflows incorporating both machine-to-machine and human-to-machine workflows. •Includes email automation and escalation features. •Triggers facilitated by action buttons in forms, target database or folder changes or scheduled events. Business Process Management (BPM)
  11. 11. IMPROVEPEOPLE PROCESS Equip workers with useful IM tools Formalize digital business value-chains TECHNOLOGY ‘IT’ to enable digital transformation customer experience pace of innovation compliance profitability harvest key data analyze insights act on what matters improve/transform enhance controls re-use data data engineering tools analytical tooling codeless design, deploy and support PaaS equip workers to gain a single view of data that matters to them self-service tools to make sense of actionable insights easy to use apps that formalize ideas and improvements into sustaining processes employ back-office and 3rd party data for new purposes upgrade business practices with alert- based workflows install RASCI based accountability, improve log-based monitoring of events gather, harmonize, cleanse, normalize and upload! drill-thru reporting, dashboard, chart, visualization/GIS tooling keep IT innovation up- to-speed with codeless enterprise apps PaaS IMPROVE
  13. 13. Business Improvement IT Function How does going codeless change your business for the better? Improvements and economies in the way the IT function serves the business… Improvements and economies in the way the business works as the result of formalizing and automating value chains…
  14. 14. Business Improvement IT Function 7% 10% 13% 15% 5% 15% 10% 10% 15% Real-Time Application Prototyping Applications design is a wasteful process. The article ‘Why Your IT Project May Be Riskier Than You Think’ by HBR (Nov 2011) followed a survey of 1,471 IT projects with an average spend of $167m and found: • The average overrun was 27% • One in six of the projects studied was a ‘black swan’, with a cost over-run of 200%. • Almost 70% of black swan projects also over-ran their schedules. Encanvas removes project over- run risk and delivers best-fit apps on time and on budget. Cut IT Head-Count Applications development staffing represents around *12% of total IT resourcing (Source: Gartner) Encanvas ‘codeless’ design and deployment methods cut IT staffing levels required for app dev. & support by a factor of 10. click to view Serve the Long-Tail of Apps Needs While companies invest heavily in primary systems they lack the resources to meet all demands. Encanvas uniquely enables the rapid and repeated delivery of situational apps so IT can keep up with agile business demands. click to view Unify Operations As businesses grow they develop silos of data and function creating inefficient and often disconnected processes… Encanvas bridges across data silos to create joined up process workflows without necessitating a proliferation of apps, tools and expert IT skills. Dr Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints is well known to organizational consultants. It states that the core constraint of virtually every organisation is that organisations are structured, measured and managed in parts, rather than as a whole. This results in lower-than-expected performance with constraints constantly shifting from one place to another and chronic conflicts between people representing different parts of the organisation. Secure Enterprise Data Today’s online connected communities demand secure federated access to shared data assets anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Encanvas installs a federated identity management environment, adds richer end-point security with more layers of web access security than any other platform to create virtually unhackable apps. How Well Does Encanvas Meet Gartner’s list of Top Digital Security trends?  Software-Defined Security  Big data security Analytics  Intelligent / Context-aware security Analytics  Application isolation  Endpoint threat detection & response  Website protection  Adaptive access  People-centric security  Securing the Internet of Things With Encanvas you’ve got data security covered. Remove Barriers Between IT and the Business Line of Business owners know better than anyone what they need from situational applications. Formalising and communicating these needs with IT experts can be a challenge. Encanvas agile codeless methods facilitate workshop based apps design and iteration, engaging LoB managers in the design process. click to view Make Sense of Data Encanvas big data and Internet of Everything data hubs equip IT leaders with the means to create a single version of the truth across their business landscape. Encanvas’s partner channel includes expert organisations offering vertical market big data solutions that re-use internal and external data to bring unparalleled access to actionable insights. Analyze Actionable Insights Encanvas gives Line of Business owners the self-service tools they need to make sense of actionable insights. Encanvas business intelligence tooling includes data aggregation, cleansing, quarantine and normalization, mapping, relative dates, visualization, numeric and formulas, drill-through 2D and 3D charts, dashboard meters, traffic lights, pivot tables and more out- of-the box. Act on What Matters One Encanvas platform supports the design, deployment and operation of near-limitless numbers of situational applications to equip knowledge workers with the cross- functional apps they need to eradicate the inappropriate use of desktop tools and the ‘shadow data’ they create. Encanvas has been purposely designed to create applications that change over time with the economics to ‘throw away’ apps that serve a purpose for a limited time. click to read about situational applications
  16. 16. With ENCANVAS Every App Designer Enjoys The Power of 10 Developers How many systems can YOU develop with ONE programmer? Cost ~$45 kpa ? What can you do with Encanvas and ONE business analyst + training + software subscription? Cost ~$45 kpa • One platform, no upgrade costs • Unified single view of data • Actionable insights • Unlimited situational apps • Keep IT apps development inline with stakeholder needs • Improved collaboration • Faster time-to-value
  18. 18. Case Stories & Credentials Performance Management Competitive Intelligence Compliance Reporting Talent Management Credentials Management Streetworks Planning Traffic Information Portal (Click for more details)
  19. 19. That’s us, now what about you? Delivering the most economically advantageous Microsoft Web Platform Applications for your organization - every time. USA +1 201 777 3398 Europe +44 (0) 1865 392150