Telecenter 2.0 and community building


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Telecenter 2.0 and community building

  1. 1. Telecenter 2.0 and community building Ismael Peña-López Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Mercè Guillén-Solà V Encuentro de e-Inclusión El Prat de Llobregat, November 5 2008
  2. 2. Anemone (blog)
  3. 3. Anemone (flickr)
  4. 4. Internet… over an existing network The network of people already existed Applications 2.0: easy, free, at “anybody”’s reach “I want to do it, I do it”
  5. 5. Anemone (etsy)
  6. 6. Anemone (etsy)
  7. 7. Anemone (etsy)
  8. 8. Anemone (etsy)
  9. 9. Etsy
  10. 10. Sales… ¿or communities for exchanging? The shop “made easy” The shop as a collaborative market The shop as a network, as an extension of the community User generated content
  11. 11. How about orange (downloads)
  12. 12. WhipUp (tutorials)
  13. 13. Cicada Daydream (PDF tutorials)
  14. 14. TrashTies (blog)
  15. 15. TrashTies (blog)
  16. 16. TrashTies (pro)
  17. 17. The Gift Economy ¿A Scarcity Economy? It depends. Knowledge as a means, not as a goal Gift for reputation Knowledge, the currency of the network
  18. 18. Barcelona Knits (blog)
  19. 19. Barcelona Knits (YouTube)
  20. 20. Ravelry (SNS)
  21. 21. Delicious
  22. 22. GoogleReader
  23. 23. The network at another level: the Net Is the network that matters, not the Net The Web to (re)connect The Web to discover The Web as a loudspeaker The Web as a multiplier The Web as a locator
  24. 24. Martha Stewart (web)
  25. 25. Martha Stewart (blog)
  26. 26. Martha Stewart (youtube)
  27. 27. Craftzine (magazine)
  28. 28. Media: also in the network and in the Net New channel, new discourse New conversations From unidirectionality to the network of peers
  29. 29. Telecenter 2.0 and community building The Telecenter as a part of the network and in the Net: the telecenter as another node inclusion of the telecenter in the community Digital literacies to be in the community: technological and informational media and multimedia e-awareness Community building: enhance existing networks inclusion (not digital: inclusion) the problem of legitimacy and reputation inclusion, then development
  30. 30. El Prat de Llobregat, November 5, 2008. V Encuentro de e-Inclusión To cite this word: Peña-López, Ismael; Guillén-Solà, Mercè. (2008) Telecenter 2.0 and community building. Conference imparted in El Prat de Llobregat, November 5, 2008, at the V Encuentro de e- Inclusión. El Prat de Llobregat: ICTlogy < _telecenter_2.0.pdf> To contact the author: All the information in this document under a Creative Commons license: Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivs More information please visit