Agri-water mini Share Fair- Overall Report

Mar. 4, 2011

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Agri-water mini Share Fair- Overall Report

  1. Where from/live/work
  2. Organisation and position
  3. …what they wanted to be as a child!
  4. Deborah Bossio(IWMI)
  5. Claudius Chikozho (IWMI)
  6. Katherine Snyder (IWMI)
  7. JP Venot (IWMI)
  8. Tilahun Amede (ILRI/IWMI)
  9. Prue Loney (IWMI)
  10. Diego Valbuena (ILRI)
  11. Douglas Merrey (Consultant)
  12. BancyMati (Consultant)
  13. TadelleSelassie (IWMI)
  14. Stefanos Xenarios (IWMI)
  15. Nadia Manning-Thomas (CGIAR ICT-KM/ILRI)
  16. David Molden (IWMI)
  17. LennekeKnoop (MetaMeta)
  18. Map your location
  19. What is the project trying to achieve
  20. What approaches in the project using
  21. Who is the project working with and for
  22. Project unique selling points: 2 things it is good at, and 1 challenge or struggle the project has
  23. Climate, hydrological and water resource modeling
  24. Anthropological research
  25. Cross-basin learning, knowledge sharing and continual communication for adaptive management
  26. Capacity building in AWM and in knowledge sharing skills, and knowledge sharing platform.
  27. Provide local and specific assistance, quasi real time
  28. The largest water related video collection
  29. Implement new projects quickly (DVD package, live streaming, develop materials)