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  1. 1. Radzionkow’s crest
  2. 2. RADZIONKÓW Town’s panorama
  3. 3. Radzionków on old postcards RADZIONKÓW
  4. 4. Town office RADZIONKÓW
  5. 5. Fountain at Letocha’s square RADZIONKÓW
  6. 6. Town center RADZIONKÓW
  7. 7. St. Adalbertus street RADZIONKÓW
  8. 8. RADZIONKÓW Szkoły w Radzionkowie Nr 2 Elementary school Nr 1 Elementary school Lower-secondary school, so called „Gimnazjum” High-school and Upper-silesian Trade University
  9. 9. Radzionkow’s St. Adalbertus church Radzionkow’s church of Our Lady assumed into heaven RADZIONKÓW
  10. 10. "Karolinka„ Culture Center popularises culture, cultural animation and the developement of amateur artistic movement. In its public actvity „Karolinka” puts attention mostly on intelectual and spiritual devolpement of children and adolescents. In the Center there are periodically held cultural and sports events, exhibitions and concerts, meetings with interesting and popular people, and many other activities for children, adolescents and adults. Apart from these events, there are also 2 libraries opened in the Center. The biggest events organised by the Culture Center are the International Festival of Children Folkloristic Groups, so called „Fyrtek” and Theatrical Spring. The "Mozaika" gallery located in the very center of „Karolinka” is one of the fewest galleries in Silesia in which, hobbistic, natural and geographical exhibitions are held, apart from art exhibitions. Despite the works of local artists some other are exhibited there also, for instance shells and beads of the world, confectionaries, african art, hats from all over the world and many other. RADZIONKÓW „ Karolinka” Culture Center
  11. 11. „ Mały Śląsk” is a folklor dancing group. The team consists of approx. 200 members divided into few age categories: from 8 year olds to the oldest adolescents (representation group). In its repertoire „Mały Śląsk” has got dances from every region of Poland. The group gives concerts in Poland but also abroad, in France, Italy, Finland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Turkey, Spain and Germany. The group is the host of the International Festival of Children Folkloristic Groups. RADZIONKÓW
  12. 12. Modern dance formation- Passion „Pasja" The team was established in 2001. It consists of girls from 8 (Small Passion) up to 15 (representation group). There are about 170 girls in the formation divided into 8 dancing groups. They give shows at modern dance festivals. RADZIONKÓW
  13. 13. Prince’s Hill, so called „Księża Góra” is the highest hill in the area at which a park is located. RADZIONKÓW
  14. 14. <ul><li>Urban Center of Sports and Recreation in Radzionkow is vested with beautifully located sports facilities situated at the Prince’s Hill. Some of these are: three opened air swimming-pools; </li></ul><ul><li>Football pitch with artificial surface and lighting; </li></ul><ul><li>2 tennis courts with synthetic surface and lighting; </li></ul><ul><li>Two beach volleyball pitches; </li></ul><ul><li>Two pitches for petanka game; </li></ul><ul><li>Artificial ice rink with synthetic surface; </li></ul><ul><li>Huge playground for children; </li></ul><ul><li>Fairy-tails heroes’ garden - „Drewniaki&quot;; </li></ul><ul><li>Recreational summerhouse with barbeque place. </li></ul><ul><li>Beautiful location, low ticket price and other attractions make the Center one of the favourite recreational places in Summer for not only Radzionkow citizens. </li></ul>Urban Center of Sports and Recreation in Radzionkow RADZIONKÓW Swimming-pool Kids playground
  15. 15. Volleyball pitch Football pitch RADZIONKÓW Artificial ice-rink Fairy-tail garden
  16. 16. There are 5 courts located at the Sports and Recreation center with artificial surface, from which 2 are near the sports hall. There is also a tennis club that functions at this area with club cafe and sports shop. Modern Tennis Center RADZIONKÓW
  17. 17. Skatepark at Prince’s Hill RADZIONKÓW
  18. 18. Ruch Radzionków Football Club- is one of the oldest football clubs in Silesia which exists until now. Established in 1919 currently is playing in Polish first division. RADZIONKÓW
  19. 19. In May 2000 in Radzionkow the opening of the first Bread Museum in Poland was held. It is a private institution whose creator and administrator is mr Piotr Mankiewicz. At the museum you can see machines and items used for baking bread and also postcards, photos, posters, publications illustrating the history of bread. RADZIONKÓW
  20. 20. There is a small heritage mining park located in Radzionków which constitutes of St. Barbara chapel and some mining devices from the closed coal-mine of „the Silesian Insurgents”. RADZIONKÓW
  21. 21. In Radzionków some old traditions remained up to now, that is the Silesian Dialect, Cultural Customs and authentic regional dress. Carrying this kind of dress, unfortunately mostly by older women, may be assumed as a country and nation-wide phenomena - &quot;chopiony&quot;, &quot;chopionki„ are the names for the mentioned dress. RADZIONKÓW Casual dress Feast dress
  22. 22. wianek - galanda wierzcheń kabotek zopaska kiecka bruclek jedbowka galoty RADZIONKÓW
  23. 23. Jacek Glanc is a collector of shells, shellfish and an enthusiast of sea gadgets from our town. Form 1995 he gathered no more than 5000 specimens of shells and compounded sea organisms. RADZIONKÓW
  24. 24. RADZIONKÓW
  25. 25. RADZIONKÓW
  26. 26. „ Past that is memorised is the present” T. Kotarbiński „ The tradition is a beauty which we preserve and not a set of fetters to bind us ” E. Pound „ The tradition is not about keeping the ashes but passing the flame” T. Morus RADZIONKÓW
  27. 27. Photos made by : Mateusz Franusik oraz Patryk Kusch from Elementary school nr 2 Links to used sites: http:// i/Radzionk%C3%B3w http:// / http:// / pl /index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=54:kosciol&catid=18:kocio&Itemid=65 http:// / stadion.php RADZIONKÓW