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  1. 1. WIKISPACES How can wikispaces be used to accelarate the learning of literacy in Room 16?
  2. 2. SO, WHAT’S THE POINT? • The purpose of this inquiry is to investigate how wikispaces can be used in Room 16 to accelarate the learning of literacy. • Another purpose of this inquiry is for the students to develop the skills and knowledge to manage their own wikipages.
  3. 3. SAMPLES OF WORK • http://rm16mvs.wikispaces.com/Cody • http://rm16mvs.wikispaces.com/Toni • http://rm16mvs.wikispaces.com/Jimmy
  4. 4. HOW WE ARE USING WIKISPACES TO ENHANCE THE LEARNING OF LITERACY? • Accountability • Authentic world-wide audience • Presentation • Sharing work with peers • Links to literacy pages • Home:school connectivity
  5. 5. RESEARCH Using Wiki in Education by Stewart Mader Description: Contains 10 case studies written by teachers that describe how they’re using the wiki to transform courses and engage today’s students in a range of environments including high school, small college, major research university, online/ distance learning and research lab.
  6. 6. RESEARCH
  7. 7. RESOURCES ! /0%!1,$(2$! ! ! • Click on 'Edit This Page' • You can then start typing directly onto the page. • If you want to format your text in any way, you will need to highlight the text you want to change and then use the buttons on the toolbar. "#$%&'(#)!*(+%$!,#-!".,)%$! ! When you click on the Images and Files button , a window will pop up showing pictures and files that have already been uploaded to the wiki. At the bottom of this window is an area to upload new files and images. Click on 'Browse' to locate a file or image on you computer and then click on 'Upload'. When the file or image appears in the top part of the window, double click on it to add it to the wiki page. You will see another box saying 'Insert External Image by URL.' This option means it doesn’t take up any of your storage allocation on the wiki but it is not really a recommended practise as it is called ‘hot linking’ and means you are taking bandwidth from the site where the image is stored. However, to use this method: 1. If you are using Firefox and right click on an image from the internet, you can choose 'Save Image Location'. This copies the URL of that image. You can then paste the URL into the bottom box and click 'Load'. When the picture appears, double click on it to add it to the wiki page. 2. If you are not using Firefox, click on an internet image to open it on a page by itself. The URL for that image is normally the address in the browser address window. Copy this address and paste it into the bottom box and double click on it when it appears.
  9. 9. Resources
  10. 10. Resources
  11. 11. FINDINGS • Managing wikipages are easy. • Monitoring wikipages for accuracy is on-going • Manage wikis using firefox. Safari has issues when saving • Use screenshots(command+shift+4) to upload images • Higher levels of student engagement • Students are motivated by thier audience’s approval
  12. 12. WHERE TO NEXT • Promote our wiki in family homes with fridge magnets • To upload voicethreads, podcasts of book reviews • Build an audience by inviting members to join our wiki • UsePixton comic website to create storyboards, graphic novels • Use spelling city to improve spelling
  13. 13. BIBLIOGRAPHY • http://gettingtrickywithwikis.wikispaces.com/ • www.wikispaces.com/site/for/teachers/ • www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NRbbskf3cA • http://wiki-riki.wikispaces.com/Research+Papers+and +Reports