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Tools Cards


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"Tools" cards for Social by Social game

Published in: Technology, Design
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Tools Cards

  1. 1. Online dashboard (RSS) Email newsletter Online maps Create a personal or community Publish online maps and other information hub by pulling in RSS Provide regular updates through ways of showing localised content feeds from blogs and other online newsletters delivered by information to help improve access sites. Updates automatically. email to peoples’ Inbox. to services and resources. E.g. 1 2 1 Wiki Google tools Project blog Use a free service that provides Sign up for free Google tools that The project or organisation sets up easily-edited web pages where offer e-mail, calendars, a blog to keep people informed, many authors can contribute and collaborative word processing, and and start conversations. Only amend: like a mini Wikipedia. other productivity tools. project staff can create content, E.g. E.g. others comment. E.g. 1 1 1 Community networks Community Information Photo sharing Create your own public networking Screens forum for the community with a Encourage people to upload and system like Ning. Community Set up information screens or tag photos from across the contributes content about shops, electronic notice boards in central community for public sharing. restaurants, how to garden or how places in the community to display See to navigate the area etc. news, video and adverts relevant to See the community. 2 3 1
  2. 2. Online project Neighbourhood reporters collaboration Collaborative research Create a site or web forum for local Encourage use of free online Manage messages, files and tasks news, information, comment, with a systems to research your topic and for your project by using specialist strong emphasis on campaigning share web bookmarks for all collaboration systems for your from a core group of community collaborators. team. reporters. E.g. E.g. 2 2 1 Free calls, web conferencing Digi-bus Record a video clip Encourage use of free software Fit out a bus with PCs & audio Make a video recording of the work such as Skype or ooVoo giving visual equipment. Staff with media your community does or the issues people free calls, teleconferencing coach who can support media it faces and load onto a video and video over the Internet. projects on location in schools, sharing websites such as YouTube. See libraries, community venues etc. See 3 2 1 Online voting & petitions Mobile messaging Twitter Facilitate discussion and voting on Create text messaging system so Encourage use of the free short- issues - campaign for propositions people can request information or message Twitter service to build and take decisions collectively. services via SMS or sign up to connections, start conversations, See or receive alerts to their mobile phone. share news and ideas. See 2 2 1
  3. 3. Video cameras and equipment Print on demand service Social Networking sites Buy or loan audio and video Help people design and print Create spaces on social network equipment so people can create custom materials, flyers and sites that already exist where you and share media content. Stream newsletters, for distribution to know your audience gather such as live video with Qik ( people not online Myspace, Bebo or Facebook 2 2 2 Tell Stories Search engine Virtual Worlds optimization Set-up a virtual world for the Get members of the community to project or campaign in Second record short audio podcasts which Refine your content and technology Life tell the story of their campaign or to show up more prominently in See their community search engines 2 1 3 2 Online PR Viral marketing Social media advertising Persuade bloggers, community Build content and services that Pay for advertising on MySpace, managers and influential people people love and encourage them Facebook, blogs or other online to write about your project to tell others community sites 1 1 1