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Lincolnshire Heritage Conference


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Slides from talk about social media to the Lincolnshire Heritage Organisations conference in Lincoln - March 1st 2013.

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Lincolnshire Heritage Conference

  1. 1. How to tell the world? Paul Webster (Twitter : @watfordgap) 1st March 2013
  2. 2. How do I tell the world? What shall I tell the world!• What is social media, do I need it and how do I use it?• Why should I use online marketing tools?• What are the basic rules of digital marketing?• How do I use online marketing tools?• How can I get a simple website?• Build conversations with – Supporters – NetworksAnd the best bit they are FREE!
  3. 3. Social Media is .... . media rich, interactive, content served based on the readerschoice, open for comments and where immediate conversationsare encouraged that can reach a wider group of visitors in seconds.Web 2.0=Social Media=New Media=Social Networking
  4. 4. Marketing through collaborative conversations…..Social media…is about pursuing relationships and fosteringcommunities. Paul Adams, Google - Conversational Web, not a Broadcast. Listen more than talk
  5. 5. Is your organisation on Social Media? No? Probably – Yes! Have you checked?! How are you being represented? How are others marketing what you do?Are you using Social Media? Does your organisation have a website … that is interactive? Have you got a blog? Do you use YouTube or Flickr? Are you on Facebook? Do you Tweet? Do you use web tools to improve organisational efficiency?
  6. 6. Networking – the numbers
  7. 7. Its bewildering ... why should I use social media?No longer something to be brushed aside.Free to use. But consider time- 80% of internet users aged 18-24 have a Facebook or Twitter account as do 73% of those aged 25-34.- 33 million people in UK on Facebook – so some may Like your building- 15 million on Twitter – some may Tweet their friends about your site- as the 2nd most popular search engine a channel on YouTube may add anextra dimension to the restoration work you are doing- with bite-sized blog readership increasing – that captivating story by avolunteer on the project may inspire others to help- oh and then there is Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+, Flickr …..
  8. 8. Think of a Marketing activity... How could it be helped by social media?• Increases speed of communication – no faster way to (Action) spread marketing messages than through social networking. Less of a financial cost although ‘expense’ may be in time• Widens message to people/groups that would normally (Awareness) be missed using more traditional methods – ‘viral’ marketing campaigns hugely powerful creating awareness extremely efficiently• Deepens to build new and different networks – (Fundraising) communities of interest to bounce ideas off and share experiences, increase commitment and fundraising for campaigning activity. Show understanding and start some conversations!
  9. 9. Think of a Marketing activity... How could it be helped by social media?Generate on-line conversations, promotion and awareness (Change) about the work or latest campaign by the organisation Use RSS and Google Alerts to stay ahead of developments in your area of interest - build a ‘Listening Dashboard’Joins together communities who are interested in similar (Action) things, have the same likes or are striving for the same objectives. Tell your visitors and supporters about your work in a new way• Commoncraft Video explaining Social MediaT
  10. 10. But what advantage will it give heritage projects?You are the content creator – marketing power back in the hands ofthe organisation. Need a phone … a camera … an audio recorder.It will increase the number of people enquiring about your work whohave only heard through social networking sitesLess burden on centre staff as you are marketing your informationon line and event / resource bookings are possible tooShow the community you are there and what you are doing.Tell your story - People like storiesRather than a plain website,content kept fresh and up to date.A two way communication link.Projects in same area cancommunicate and share easily withother
  11. 11. The rules of digital marketing? Have a plan• Know your objectives and what you want to say • Tell as many people about our heritage attraction• Research where your audience are – do you know? • Survey and find out, work in spaces where your target audience are• Plan how to use the tools – have a strategy • An opening event?, e-bulletin update? Do ‘as well as’ what you do• Choose tool to match audience and implement • Look at what other organisations have done, what works elsewhere?• Sustain the conversation and say thank you • Encourage people to return, keep it new, links from websites • Engage with people on line, be receptive, respond, react
  12. 12. Finding the right tool for the task From Flickr – Claire Sutton and justinbaeder
  13. 13. WordpressBlog – short for weBLOG just an on-line (sometimes) personal or project related journalAlso simplest way to get a full websiteDont worry its not finished – some of the best blogs build as conversations Also -
  14. 14. Two flavours - .com & .orgOpen platform for community ledcontent & story developmentContains text, pictures, video, audio andcommentary on a chosen topicStart conversations, get feedback fromvisitors, more informal than websiteMultiple users can have permission toaccess website and add contentOther spaces – Blogger & TumblrCommoncraft Video - explaining Blogs
  15. 15. Other Website Building ToolsNing – from £60/year - Free - £48/year
  16. 16. Think of it as being at a big party Twitter500 million accounts (140 million active) approx 34 million registered in UKFastest way to communicate news and create viral campaigns40% of tweets from a mobileHootsuite & Tweetdeck help you manageCan you convey your mission in 140 chrs?Follow Orgs @heritagelottery, @heritage_ngos & of course @lincsmuseums
  17. 17. @gainsoldhallFlagging not Bragging -use for researchAsk questionsSignpost to resourcesStart conversations# (Hashtag), RT(Retweet)Dive in, follow & talk!Great for sharing and learning from a network of Peers or to inform local newsSee the Content of the Tweet not the Tweeter & follow Words not People
  18. 18. Facebook64% of active UK internet users visit Facebook33.2 million active accounts in UK25.8 million views in March 2012Profiles, Pages and Groups, its where many people search first – so be thereOver 1 billion accounts worldwide, half of the active internet population30% check status as soon as they wake up
  19. 19. It’s the place where many, many people already network and shareWhat you have done Create a Group for invited network of Supporters, include docs & picturesWhat you are doing Set up an open Page for people to Like & see updates Check Privacy settings and frequent changes Link to Twitter & Blog Just Have a page - - Use it share pictures - Use it to direct back to main website
  20. 20. Another way to let people knowyour news & interviews AudiobooLess bandwidth than videoEmbed in websiteComments make conversationsAudioboo – 5 min recordingsInstant reporting when editing not aconcern‘Audacity’ is free software forrecording and converting to MP3 toload to the web -
  21. 21. You Tube23% of traffic originates fromFacebook3.7 billion videos viewed duringJanuary 20122nd most popular search engine25% of audience is aged 15 – 24We are all Content Creators & GoodNews Reporters
  22. 22. Social Media = Findingcontent uploaded by Anyone can be aothers .. keep looking. content creatorIndividual clips … Upload and edit videos… or a gallery. in your own channel Show Organisation is Genuine & has Personality Increases Reach. If campaigning can be a bold call to action Keep content Fresh
  23. 23. On Page MarketingExperiment marketing reachby starting Facebook advertSponsored Stories will post Google Grants for charities toto their friends. Advert is a link to their website (not sell)direct action to your website Free Google AdWords6 Likes = 1 Action advertises your site for related keyword queriesCharging based on CPC clicksor CPM impressions Tracking dashboardAv. cost per click $0.29 YouTube - Donate button,(Web Trends Jan 2011) increased uploads & prominenceSet daily spend budget (minis £1.00/day) Google bids to get exposure
  24. 24. ..even just to be noticed by a wider audience - get your organisation listed with Google Place page- Verified e.g. Voluntary- Add Photos Action Rotherham- List Offers Derwentside- Streetview Maps CVS & VB here- Show Ratings- Comments
  25. 25. Smartphone17% of households use as primary web connectionOver 55% of UK mobile phone sales are smartphones – 28 million in useUsage – 59% to check social networks, 49% to purchase81% never turn their phone off18% of Dominos Pizza sales are via mobile app
  26. 26. Foursquare8 Shelter Shops in Edinburgh using itIncentive to visit a location and become Mayor and maybe get bonusesNew badges released in UK frequently to collect as a gameCompetitive gaming aspect will appeal to some
  27. 27. Online Annual ReportsPDF copies can be generated fromwebpagesInteractive stories from local projectsGreater scope for video and audio casestudiesCan be more cost effective vs printing Apps for Smartphones Increasingly popular way people search for information Link to enhanced content, maps, offers, video even visitor reviews Make sure website is mobile friendly
  28. 28. Also...(Almost) whatever task you want to do there will be a website or serviceto assist you ... Eventbrite Mailchimp QR Codes linking to website from smartphoneDoodle, Jing, Google+, Branch, Pinterest, ifttt … … maybe best left for another time!
  29. 29. Measuring Marketing Success- Check how many times links are clicked if using Listen whats said about your organisation using Topsy- Monitor Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Wordpress visits- Measure Tweetreach, SocialBro, Twentyfeet, Visualize Infographics on Visual.y,, My Social StrandBUT …. real success is not just about the numbers- Tell stories of real people and real changes- Find out how people heard about you- Build relationships & success by joining in conversations- Social media presence an reflection of your organisation- Engage press, funders, authorities with pictures and videoSay Thank You!
  30. 30. The Answer?Know your Message & go to where your Audience areSelect appropriate Social Media websites to useTry out Cost and Time saving websitesAdd links to your social networks in your email signature.- on posters- in QR codes- be consistentDo Better Things ….….Do Things BetterStart small … what one thing could you try out now?
  31. 31. Any Questions? Unanswered Questions Things youd like to be able to do? Anything else …. (Technology related!)My Guides and Links - Trust All Our Stories -
  32. 32. Thank You Paul Webster (Twitter : @watfordgap)