Engagement Cards


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"Engagement" cards for Social by Social game

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Engagement Cards

  1. 1. Collaborative Needs assessment Media support centre communications Use surveys, interviews and other Set up a local centre that supports Ask partners and other supporters methods to find what local people schools, youth centres, libraries, of the project to promote and and businesses need to support groups in working with multi media engage on your behalf in their their work. tools as well as providing some networks more basic computer training. 3 3 1 Media ads and direct mail Events programme Health check Get contact details for potential Run digital health checks for Make meetings and larger events users and send them targeted organisations to find what ICT part of a planned engagement communications. Pay for ad space needs they have and what they programme, with some regular in newspapers, magazines and need to learn about social meetups. Report online. other media technology 3 2 2 Press and media Co-design workshops Network mapping Run collaboration workshops with Spend time and effort in building Map the key interests and relationships with local newspapers key interests so people design connections in the area to identify and briefing traditional media projects and tools needed together who to engage, and then provide organisations. from the start. “architecture” for the online system, services and events. 2 2 2
  2. 2. Local canvassing Physical space Social media clinics Make informal meetings, letter Secure one or more physical Organise drop in sessions run by drops, phone calls and leaflets in locations where members of the volunteers to help people get key places an important part of the network can meet regularly started with digital media - from mix of ways to engage people. photos to video and blogging. 2 2 1 Leaflet and print Computer courses Media coaches marketing Basic and advanced courses on Three-month training provided for computer and internet skills offered teachers, librarians, youth workers Print and distribute flyers and by colleagues to people who want and others to become specialized materials to raise awareness of the to be better equipped to deliver media coaches in their issue in important public spaces their work. organisation. 2 3 3 Your Idea Your Idea Community manager Hire an energetic person to make connections, tell stories, look after people and grow the community 3