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Social media for service delivery


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Social media for service delivery

  1. 1. Social Media4 ServiceDeliveryMiles Maier
  2. 2. Digital Service delivery• Self-help solutions• Smart Assistants• Online assessments• Live Chat• Mobile device apps *• Social Media *
  3. 3. ICE BREAKER• Name, job, one thing from today• Questions you may have? • Using social media to connect with socially, financially, digitally disenfranchised clients? • Impact on the way we deliver services?
  5. 5. “ Social media…is about pursuing relationships and fostering communities. Paul Adams, Google
  6. 6. “Social mediajust now reachedsuch a criticalmass, it‟s toohard to ignore.You don‟t want to be„that guy‟ who refuses toadapt to change andloses touch with reality.”JuliaRoy
  7. 7. Social media is the vehicleby which men have finallydecided it‟s cool – andvaluable – to open up,share, make friends andhave conversations.(Women have know this foreons.)”Diane Hessan
  8. 8. Social media is online mediathat starts conversations,encourages people to pass iton to others, and finds ways totravel on its own.Idealware
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  11. 11. Why social media• huge and still growing• cost-effective way to engage• complements your existing comms • Driving traffic, increasing supporters• effective at some things, less effective at others
  12. 12. ....if Facebookwere a country, itwould be the thirdmost populated inthe world, aheadof the UnitedStates.Only China & India are more populated
  13. 13. The proportion of women aged 18-34 who check Facebook when they first wake upONE- – even before going to the bathroom.
  14. 14.
  15. 15. 27 MILLION.The average number of “tweets” per day on Twitter. THAT‟S 8X LAST YEAR‟S VOLUME.
  16. 16. 24 HOURS The amount of video uploaded to YouTube every minute.THAT‟S MORE THAN DOUBLE LAST YEAR‟S VOLUME.
  17. 17. 4 BILLION.The number of images hosted onFlickr. THAT‟S 13X MORE THAN THE LIBRARY OF CONGRESS.
  18. 18. NINETY-FIVE.The percentage of US companiesusing LinkedIn to find and attractemployees.59% use Facebookand 42% useTwitter.
  20. 20. Over to you…• Define social media goals• Define your audience
  22. 22. Facebook• Driving traffic to website• Moving people to take action – advocate, volunteer• Less success with direct fundraising• Resource: min. 2 hours per week
  23. 23. Twitter• Connect with like-minded organisations and people• Cultivating new connections• Huge reach, quickly• Resource: min. 2 hours per week
  24. 24. YouTube• Video can be compelling • Start conversations, spreading the word, hosting user content, host a video channel• Driving traffic to your website• Resource: min. depends on what you plan to do
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Flickr• Tells a story and moves people to take action• Driving traffic to main website• Resource: min. event specific, but new content helps
  27. 27. LinkedIn• Recently passed 100m users• Professional networks• Connecting with like-minded people• Good fit for those supporting people in their jobs• Resource: min. 2 hours per week
  28. 28. FourSquare• Location based• Crowd sourced• Driving traffic, both online and in person• Building personal relationships• Spreading the word
  29. 29. Other tools• Google+ - grown quickly, non-profit potential unclear• Ning – start your own online community (NAVCABoodle)• Blogs – content is everything
  32. 32. Common Goals• Fundraising - promoting existing campaigns, engaging supporters, clients, funders• Advocacy – taking action, educating, thanking and celebrating• Volunteering – conversation and community, reach new volunteers, celebrate current volunteers• Events – promotion, during the event, post-event• Online promotion and outreach – driving traffic, building lists (pledges, petitions), viral content
  34. 34. 5. USING SOCIALBARRIERS TO Barriers MEDIA…• Skills• Capacity• Change factors• Social media tools• Strategy
  35. 35. Which tools?Hours per week you Max. number of socialcan commit to social 2 media channels youmedia can support Goal #1 Goal #2 Goal #3 Content: Expertise: Total Rank how easy will how easy to get it be for you staff up to to produce speed? the necessary content?FacebookTwitterLinkedInYoutube
  36. 36. Where to next…?
  37. 37. Where to start…Social Media Planning StoryTelling Craftwww.commoncraft.comSocialSource Commons
  38. 38. Stuff Lasa doesTwitter @LasaICTLasa ICT
  39. 39. CreditsThis presentation is remixed and adapted from “Whatthe F**K is Social Media” by Martha Kagan under Creative Commons LicenceAttribution-Non-Commercial 2.5, and added to withnuggets of our own received wisdom (yes, really).All images are from unlessotherwise acknowledged.