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TOP TEN: Big Data_ Issue 16 _ Dec 2014


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In this issue of TOP TEN we provide the reader with a wealth of information related to current and future usages of BIG DATA. The reader will get an insight into usages in the realm of education, health, construction, management as well as marketing.

Published in: Technology
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TOP TEN: Big Data_ Issue 16 _ Dec 2014

  1. 1. December 2014 10 current & future uses
  2. 2. TechPresident: Using cell phone information analytics, a country’s traffic patterns can be overlaid with past Ebola outbreaks to follow the growth of the virus. 1. Hunting down Ebola
  3. 3. Image: The Guardian: IBM and the University of the Ontario Institute of Technology have been working on a data analysis and predictive solution to monitor premature babies. Biomedical readings can detect life threatening infections up to 24 hours before they would normally be observed. 2. Preventing deadly conditions Source: IBM
  4. 4. Computerworld: Data analysis can be used for personalized campaigns which aim to encourage consumers to try new products, increase consumption and stay loyal to brands and retailers. 3. Personalizing sales campaigns Combining mobile, online and in-store customer data, Catalina Marketing developed a customer-loyalty database, featuring hundreds of millions of shoppers. Source of Image:
  5. 5. Fastcoexist: A Finnish company installed 5,000 sensors in garbage cans to alert collection companies when containers are nearing full capacity. This saved 40% of otherwise wasted fuel on needless garbage collection rounds. 4. Saving wasted fuel on garbage collection
  6. 6. By mining data from Student Information Systems (SIS) and Course Management Systems (CMS), academic institutions like Purdue University in Indiana, can provide faculty staff with: 5. Optimizing learning in Higher Education Knowledge Management and e-Learning: Information Learning habits At-risk learners and their weaknesses Recommendations Improvement actions Assistive intervention programs
  7. 7. A 17-year old crowdsourcing specialist in the USA offers translation, testing and other professional services to enterprise clients in 22 countries utilizing the services of some 150,000 "crowd workers" worldwide. Information week: In a big data crowdsourcing model, tasks can be distributed to workers all over the world to complete quickly and with high quality, at a much lower cost. 6. Accelerating work at a lower cost Source of Image:
  8. 8. Datameer: Telecoms providers can analyze data sources to decide on which cell towers to upgrade to 4G and which not. By doing this, one leading telecoms provider was able to save $100 million in upgrade costs. 7. Improving efficiency of telecom industries Source of Image:
  9. 9. Big Data Startups: Using sensors in cars, machines and trucks - combined with the schedule of the project as well as traffic information and routing - algorithms can determine the best routings to optimize efficiency at a construction site. 8. Better organized construction sites Source of Image:
  10. 10. The Economist: Combining crowd-sourced information about traffic and digital maps, Waze can edit maps, send alerts and provide suggestions related to speed cameras, road construction and accidents. This can save millions of commuters’ hours and tons of CO2. 9. Saving commuters time and money Source of Image:
  11. 11. During India's 16th national election (in early 2014), parties actively used big data analysis to connect with voters, raise funds, rework advertisements and create detailed models for voter engagement in swing states. 10. Connecting with voters CNBC
  12. 12. Potential Impacts Implications for Health  Outbreak of epidemic diseases monitored & controlled  Deadly conditions prevented Implications for Education  At-risk students tracked/supported  Better understanding of learning habits Implications for Marketing  Personalized campaigns  Wider outreach to clients Ethical Implications  Big data makes it challenging to protect individual privacy  Confidentiality of institutional information also a factor Implications on Industry  Reduced costs for operational tasks  Accelerated mode of work  Information-based decision making
  13. 13. Big Data, Big Impact: New Possibilities for International Development published by the World Economic Forum Big data: The next frontier for innovation, competition, and productivity published by McKinsey Global Institute Hunting and Harvesting in a Digital World Published by Gartner Executive Program BIG DATA: Seizing Opportunities and preserving values published by the White House (Office of the President) Worldwide Big Data Technology and Services 2014–2018 Forecast published by IDC Want to know more?
  14. 14. Disclaimer: All content in these slides is in the public domain and referenced so that you can read the original sources. Email: Twitter: @ictqatar For more about Rassed visit: And checkout our archive: Thanks for reading Spotted any examples we missed? Do tell us.