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Social Media Use In Qatar: The Story Of 2013


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A roundup of all social media developments in Qatar during 2013.

The country with the 88% individual penetration level, The highest in the Middle East, and 10th highest in the world, sure has some savvy social media users.

45% of people living in the state of Qatar access social media websites at least once a day, with Facebook being the most used network, followed by Twitter and Instagram.

The report also explores social media levels of Qatari nationals versus residents of different nationalities, and youth usage levels in particular.

Also find lists of most followed Facebook pages in the country, and more followed Qatari Twitter accounts.

Finally, the report also examines new Instagram for retail trends.

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Social Media Use In Qatar: The Story Of 2013

  1. 1. Social Media Use in Qatar Key insights from 2013 Social Impact Department ictQATAR February 2014
  2. 2. Internet Usage in Qatar Broadband Commission report: Qatar has 88.1% individual Internet penetration – highest in Middle East Broadband Commission: Info-graphics from Go Gulf:
  3. 3. Average Hours on Internet Daily Northwestern’s Media Use in the Middle East:
  4. 4. Youth enjoys higher penetration of technology compared to other Qatari’s From “Qatar’s ICT Landscape” by ICT Qatar:
  5. 5. Social Media Use in Qatar • 45% of people in Qatar use the Internet at least once a day to visit a social media website. • People in Qatar spend an average of 2 hours a day on social media websites, according to Arab Media Study by Northwestern University. Base: Internet Users Northwestern’s Media Use in the Middle East:
  6. 6. Usage higher amongst 18-24s Average hours/day for ages 18-24. Base: Internet users in Qatar. Average hours/day for Qataris. Base: Internet users in Qatar.
  7. 7. Social Media Use by Platform Base: Social Networking Site Users
  8. 8. Youth and Qatari’s use some networks differently compared to average users % of social network users ages 18-24 who use each platform: Northwestern’s Media Use in the Middle East: % of Qatari social network users who use each platform:
  9. 9. Facebook is the most dominant social media website Facebook in Qatar Go Gulf: Base: Population of Qatar
  10. 10. Facebook: Most Followed Retrieved from November 2013
  11. 11. Twitter • 65% of Qataris use Twitter • Big hashtags in Qatar: ‫#اعتذار_واستقالة_المسند_حق_للقطريين‬ • Columnists in newspaper include their Twitter account Northwestern’s Media Use in the Middle East:
  12. 12. Most Followed Qatar Twitter Accounts From Top 100 Arabs:
  13. 13. Qatar On Instagram Qataris use Instagram disproportionately more than any other group in Qatar. Northwestern’s Media Use in the Middle East:
  14. 14. Instagram for Retail
  15. 15. Forums remain popular
  16. 16. Thank you for reading. Please visit our SlideShare channel for our other publications: Contact us: Twitter: @ictqatar