Infographic: Digital Digest Q2 Summary


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Did you miss our latest Digital Digest? Not to worry, here's an infographic summarizing its biggest stories.

The Digital Digest is Rassed's quarterly round up of Internet and technology developments in the Middle East.

Hot stories in this issue:
Instagram is more popular than Facebook in one Arab country, but which one?

Saudi Arabia still has the largest Twitter population.

UAE is named fiber capital of the world.

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Infographic: Digital Digest Q2 Summary

  1. 1. For more digital developments in the Middle East, visit Digital Digest Q2 2014 Instagram is the most popular social media service among Qataris and least used by Egyptians and Tunisians 68% 50% 49% KSA UAE Egypt Interaction with brands on Facebook during Ramadan is high Saudi Arabia still has the largest Twitter population Saudi Arabia alone accounts for 40% of the Middle East Twitter population 40% #KSA UAE leads globally in fiber to the home penetration Ipsos finds smartphone take-up in the Middle East is lowest in Egypt 79% 63% KSA 72% 61% UAE 6% 5% Egypt 63% 36% Lebanon 69% 49% Kuwait GCC more“network ready”than North Africa North Africa Network GCC Network Mobile and PC are nearly universal in Qatar Majority of global smartphone growth will be in the developing world Doha is the biggest selfie-taking city in the Middle East Ishtarate Arab product rating website /social network allows users to rate the products they purchased online Second-screening while watching the World Cup was high... most devoted fans say they have posted opinions about the game live on social media 11 months is the average age children start using smartphones Social Media Technology Digital Content Global Stories Airline tickets are the most purchased online products dominates online retail The 4 largest U.S. online rerailers in 2013 (based on worldwide online sales) Of people in the region prefer to do so via Facebook 4%6%9% 78% AFRICA / MIDDLE EAST 2012 2013 or phone 36% use laptops 13% 43%in Egypt, KSA and UAE“second screen”when watching TV tablets 5% Digital ads will increase but TV ads remain most prominent Internet TV Mobile Digital ads TV ads Facebook aims to expand digital ads in the region Facebook is the most preferred“social log-in”network in the region 39% 43% VSNEWS Social Media Trust in social media as the most reliable news source ... Qatar Selfies Doha Qatar TunisiaEgypt Developing World Developed World