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Digital Digest, Q2 2014


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The Digital Digest is Rassed's quarterly round up of Internet and technology developments in the Middle East.

Hot stories in this issue:
Instagram is more popular than Facebook in one Arab country, but which one?

Saudi Arabia still has the largest Twitter population.

UAE is named fiber capital of the world.

One Middle East country has a smartphone penetration level of only 6%, read to find out which one.

Can Jawabkom be the new Arab Quora?

More #Selfies taken in Doha than any other Middle East city.

The region is among the heaviest VoIP users globally.

... and many more.

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Digital Digest, Q2 2014

  1. 1. Digital Digest Q2, July 2014
  2. 2. Highlights MENA Youth increasingly trust social channels for news UAE named fiber capital of the world Egypt has the smallest smartphone penetration in MENA Second- screen use while watching TV is high Jawabkom, the Arab Quora 11 months is the average age children start using smartphones Saudi Arabia still has the largest Twitter population MENA among heaviest VoIP users globally More selfies taken in Doha than any other MENA country Instagram is the most popular social network among Qataris
  3. 3. Social Media
  4. 4. …and least used by Egyptians and Tunisians. Northwestern University in Qatar and Doha Film Institute: Instagram is the most popular social media service among Qataris
  5. 5. Facebook to expand digital ads in the region The network has started to share its digital ad platform ‘Facebook Audience Network’ (FAN) and is looking to increase involvement from brands in time for Ramadan. We noted previously how social media usage increases during the Holy Month. Will we see this in 2014 too? The National: In Saudi Arabia 68% Interaction with brands on Facebook during Ramadan In UAE 50% In Egypt 49%
  6. 6. The 6th Arab Social Media Report: Saudi Arabia still has MENA‟s largest Twitter population Saudi Arabia alone accounts for 40% of the Middle East Twitter population.
  7. 7. Facebook is most preferred “social log-in” network in the region When asked to register/log-in to a new website using an existing social media account, people in the region prefer to do so via Facebook. The full infographic available on
  8. 8. Trust in social media as a news source growing fast for MENA Youth Arab Youth Study: TV remains the most trusted source of news, but social media is quickly catching up. Will it overtake TV in 2015?
  9. 9. Technology
  10. 10. UAE leads globally in fiber to the home penetration ZDNet: Via: Fiber to the Home Council Middle East & North Africa Fiber to the home Fiber to the building
  11. 11. Ipsos finds smartphone take-up in MENA is lowest in Egypt Ipsos:
  12. 12. GCC more “network ready” than North Africa The World Economic Forum’s Network Readiness Index shows a growing gap between GCC and NA countries. World Economic Forum: GCC Others
  13. 13. Mobile and PC are nearly universal in Qatar Qatar leads in household availability of laptops and tablets; reports Ericsson ConsumerLab Qatar’s ICT landscape report:
  14. 14. 43% “second screen” when watching TV… … said respondents in Egypt, KSA and UAE in a Facebook commissioned survey. Facebook: 36% use their phone 13% use laptops 5% use tablets
  15. 15. Digital Content
  16. 16. This portal, believed to be the first in the region, features experts from a variety of fields who answer users questions. Jawabkom: The Arab „Quora‟ Ameinfo:
  17. 17. Airline tickets are the most purchased online products The Arab World Online:
  18. 18. While Makati, Philippines has been crowned the selfi-taking capital of the world Doha is the biggest selfie-taking city in the Middle East Time:
  19. 19. The residents of the region are also among the highest users of VoIP globally according to a new report published by ictQATAR. More satellite TVs in MENA than any other region Rassed:
  20. 20. Although Internet and mobile ads will increase dramatically by 2018, traditional TV advertising is predicted to still dominate. PWC: Digital ads will increase, but TV ads will remain most prominent Wall Street Journal:
  21. 21. Designed to look like Pinterest, this is believed to be the first Arab website that allows users to rate the products they purchased online. Ishtarate, Arab product rating website / social network
  22. 22. Global Stories
  23. 23. Majority of global smartphone growth will be in developing world In the coming years, smartphones will be the leading technologies sold around the globe. Deloitte:
  24. 24. Second-screen while watching the World Cup is high GlobalWebIndex: While most devoted fans say they are posting opinions about the game live on social media. Check out this issue of the Top 10s for World Cup tech innovations
  25. 25. Amazon dominates online retail Mashable:
  26. 26. 11-months is the average age children start using smartphones Daily Mail: The Cohen Children's Medical Centre found that playing non- educational games on touch-screen devices hinders verbal development.
  27. 27. Disclaimer: All content in these slides is in the public domain and referenced so that you can read the original sources. For more information about Rassed Visit: Contact Us: Twitter: @ictqatar Thanks for reading Visit our SlideShare channel for previous issues and our monthly Tech Top 10: