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Minutes cdwg 13 april 2010 en

  1. 1. CDWG Capacity Development Working Group Meeting 13th April 2010 NGO Resource Centre Chaired by Mike Hall VSO Co-chaired by Helene Cunat CARE Minutes noted by Mike Hall and Helene Cunat. Brief Introductions Attendees introduced themselves Presentations Care: CARE VIETNAM PROGRAM AND APPROACH IN CAPACITY DEVELOPMENT Highlights ; focus on the strengths based approach to organisational capacity assessment and CARE’s support in organisational development for Community Based Organisations and Self Help Groups of PLHIV. PACT: Pact Vietnam’s Approach: Supporting Organizational Capacity Development for Enhanced Efficacy & Sustainability Highlight; focus on PACT’s participatory and tailor-made approach on organisational capacity assessment for LNGOs and support on organisational capacity building. CECODES/SNV: DEVELOPING CAPACITIES FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION” Highlight on SPARK; an initiative to build the capacities of organizations and individuals who wish to scale up innovative solutions and models that have successfully addressed poverty-related issues such as employment creation, income generation, heath care, education, culture, and the environment. VSO: Code of Practice: Supporting Civil Society in Vietnam in organisational development Starting off with one framework for certification as a tool to encourage increased capability in Local NGOs, considering other possible ways, suggesting a group to work so see what might best work in Vietnam. CDWG Minutes 13th April 2010 Page 1
  2. 2. (The Presentations are available on the website.) Brainstorming Ideas for WORKPLAN The following ideas were discussed: 1. Enhancing members understanding of what was happening in Capacity development; including establishing resources about:  A calendar of events in capacity development (to be used also as a source of guest speakers to the group for thematic discussions, where possible).  A Project Matrix.  A list of available suppliers of capacity development services (local and INGO) suggested by some as a Michelin Guide to capacity development suppliers. This should be closely coordinated with existing tools whenever appropriate.  A tool bank (with a combination of directly accessible materials and also links to other sources of them) 2. Topics for discussion (or presentations). Things people wanted to know about.  Abt Associates and their work on building capacity for SHG groups in the field of HIV as well as in supporting legal registration.  The legal situation for LNGOs and CBOs/SHGs (especially registration) and its impact on capacity development  Grant making; best practices, capacity required for recipient organisations but also for LNGOs who are starting to perform the role of grant managers and support available.  Capacity development support to Networks  Mentoring approaches and programmes to foster capacity development.  The Code of Practice. It was suggested that a small subgroup consider the issues and make proposals for the full group. Issues that were raised were reviewing case-studies of approaches like the Cambodian example and others especially in similar contexts; making sure that the initiative addressed the needs of local organisations and that it brought benefits to them, and that it fitted well into the Vietnamese culture; discussions with VUSTA were recommended, especially as CARE knew that VUSTA was starting to consider a similar initiative. Perhaps the group could see if it would work to establish a dialogue focused on helping VUSTA achieve their objectives. CDWG Minutes 13th April 2010 Page 2
  3. 3. Other Discussions It was requested that the ToR for the CDWG be translated into Vietnamese and circulated for information to all the WG members. It was also noted that participation from Vietnamese Organisations including CBOs and SHGs of PLHIV should be emphasized. At the first meeting there was a large number of Vietnamese Organisations represented indirectly by volunteers working with them but discussion centred on getting more local representation and this was agreed to be a key factor if the WG was to be successful. The need for translation was discussed and some organisations suggested that they could offer staff to translate for the meetings as long as this task was shared and rotated. The need for publicity was emphasised and the value of feeding information to and from other working groups was stated. Actions Mike and Helene would develop a work plan based on the meeting and present to the core group meeting first and to the next CDWG full meeting once endorsed by the core group. Mike to progress the webpage Next Meeting: In the meeting the next meeting was agreed to be on 8th June at 2pm in the NGORC meeting room. (But this has had to be changed with proposed meetings now of the core group on the 22nd June and the next full meeting on the 13th July). Mike Hall and Helene Cunat Chair and co-chair CDWG Minutes 13th April 2010 Page 3
  4. 4. Attendees Name Organisation Email Tel: 1 Steve Copple Samaritan’s copplevn@yahoo.com 6251 0448 Purse 2 Ian Bromage CCIHP/VSO Ian.bromage@btinternet.com 3 Thang Mai SCDI thangmai@scdi.org.vn 4 Pham Hoai Thanh SCDI thanhdesigner@scdi.org.vn 5 Dang Hoang Giang CECODES giang.dang@gmail.com 6 Trấn Chung Châu CARE tcchau@care.org.vn 7 Do Thanh Lam SNV lamdt@snvworld.org 8 Helene Cunat CARE hcunat@care.org.vn 9 Mike Hall VSO/CEPHAD m.s.hall@btinternet.com 10 Lynette Savings VSO/LIGHT lynette.savings@hotmail.com 11 Jeannie Zakharov NGORC/AVI comms@ngocentre.org.vn 12 Amy Sunseri PACT asunseri@pactworld.org 13 Hannah Lee CARE hannah.lee@care.org.vn 14 Shimpei Chihara VICOMC/VSO chiharas@hotmail.com 15 David Graham VSO daveytrain76@googlemail.com 16 Rachel Toner VCSPA racheltoner@yahoo.co.uk 17 Kiran Dhillon VNP+ kirandeep1980@gmail.com 19 Kathy Joyce PACT/VSO kathyjoyce@hotmail.co.uk 20 Claude Potvin AVI cpotvin@australianvolunteers.com 21 David Lankester REACH/VSO davidlankester@hotmail.com 22 Roisin Hood n/a roisinhood@hotmail.com 23 Trish Kane USSH/VSO Trishk2@hotmail.com 24 Tran Huy Thong RDH Thong.rdh@gmail.com CDWG Minutes 13th April 2010 Page 4