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TCT&C Ernest Conference 120627

  1. 1. ERNEST final conference - Florence, June 27th, 2012 T.C.T&CCOMPETITIVE AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF TOURISM IN TUSCANY REGIONThermal bath and Culture of Tuscany hills & Catalogna
  2. 2. Progetto ErnestAgenda• Brief Summary• Project Partners and Regions involved• Overview and priority objectives• Progress of activities• Next steps 2
  3. 3. Progetto ErnestBrief SummaryIn many countryside territories in the European region the tourism hasa low implantation, and basically based on a unique touristic resource,without any involvement of the villages around it. Therefore, it isneeded to implant a methodology or strategy to spread this touristicactivity to the proximities in order to make the touristic activity moresustainable, economically, socially and environmentally.The specific touristic resource in Chianciano (Tuscany) is thethermalism and in Catalonia is the Escornalbou Monastery.In this context, the priority goals of the territory are the following:The active enhancement and conservation of the characteristics of theidentity of the territory (rural, gastronomic and farming culture, art,wine, entertainment culture…);The development of forms of cooperation between operators andeconomic stakeholders and institutions of destination. 3
  4. 4. Progetto Ernest Project Partners and Regions involved Chianciano Terme A.A.S. Associazione Albergatori Servizi SIMAR TOURSIT SAS – Villa ricci Riudecanyes GIULIACCI SERGIO - Hotel Tirrenia SANTA&IGINO SRL- Ambasciatori MUNICIPALITY OF ALBERGO MODERNO SRL RIUDUCANYES PENSIONE DEL BUONO DI DEL BUONO ASSUNTA E C. SAS 4 HOTEL S. CATERINA DI PINZUTI AMLETO & C. SNC PENSIONE EDY SNC DI GUIDOTTI ELI & C.
  5. 5. Progetto ErnestOverview and priority objectivesTHE ACTIVE ENHANCEMENT AND CONSERVATION OF THECHARACTERISTICS OF IDENTITY FOR THE HILLS OF TUSCANY ANDRIUDCANYES AREA•Research and analysis of the cultural, environmental and social characteristics of theterritory and related events and initiatives in the tourist destinations (rural, gastronomic,and farming culture,…);•Research and analysis of the expectations and preferences of tourists compared to thecharacteristics and cultural identity of both destinationRATIONALIZATION AND REDUCTION OF ENERGY AND INCREASED USEOF RENEWABLE ENERGY (ONLY TUSCANY PROJECT)•Research, data collection and analysis of energy consumption of tourism businesses;•Analysis of the characteristics of the territory, urban planning and zoning of the area inquestion;•Analysis of possible actions to reduce energy consumptionDIFFUSION TO CONSORTIA /ASSOCIATIONS•Dissemination of results through meetings and seminars with regard to localactors and businesses of the destination 5
  6. 6. 6
  7. 7. Progetto ErnestProgress of activities – Chianciano TermeActivities carried onResearch report on the expectations of tourists preferences withrespect to identity and cultural characteristics of the destination 7
  8. 8. Progetto ErnestProgress of activities – Chianciano TermeActivities carried onResearch report on the characteristics of significant local identitiesthrough which potential tourism services and offers can be developed Heritage and History 20-25 10-19 1-9 8
  9. 9. Progetto ErnestProgress of activities – Chianciano TermeActivities carried onResearch report on the characteristics of significant local identitiesthrough which potential tourism services and offers can be developed Local identities and food 20-25 10-19 1-9 9
  10. 10. Progetto ErnestProgress of activities – Chianciano TermeActivities in progress•Report with energy consumption for individual companies andestimates of energy consumption in the tourism sector in Chianciano;•Report of energy saving measures which are applicable for tourismbusiness;•Report with actions for the production of energy from renewablesourcesAverage consumption of Average consumption of Average consumption ofelectricity. gas natural. water.1,47 kWh/pax 1,34 mc/pax 1,01 mc/pax 10
  11. 11. Progetto ErnestActivities still in progress– Chianciano Terme• Operational planning for the development of interventions for the reduction and rationalization of energy consumption of the tourist businesses• Operational planning for the development of energy production from renewable sources by businesses and local stakeholders in the destination 11
  12. 12. Activities still in progress – Chianciano Terme• Operational planning for the development of new tourism services for the enhancement of the local identity for the Tuscan tourist destination• Study of several touristic routes as: • Park and natural area routes • Historical and Heritage routes • Local identities, local culture and foods routes • Sports and active tourism routes• Operational planning for the positioning, communication and promotion of new tourism services and offers for the Tuscan tourist destination results• Intercept new customers interested in thematic tourism products such as • Culture and local identities • Nature and landscape • Sport and active tourim • Thermal bath • Discovery of local value and treasure 12
  14. 14. Progetto ErnestESCORNALBOU BARONY TERRITORY• 4 municipalities physically structured around a strategic point, the Hill of Escornalbou with a Castle that is an important touristic resource, while there is not a solid touristic activity at the villages around.• OBJECTIVE: disseminate the touristic activity through the Duesaigües territory and through the year by creating touristic products L’Argentera Riudecanyes based on the landscape characteristics. Escornalbou Hill Vilanova d’Escornalbou Food or bike paths 14
  15. 15. Progetto Ernest PRINCIPAL RESOURCES:EVALUATION RESULTS tranquility, diversity of landscapes, diversity of cultural and heritage resources and local products with protected designation of origin RESULTS (oil DO Siurana,hazelnuts). IDENTIFICATION LANDSCAPE ELEMENTS/R ESOURCES TOURISTIC RESOURCES POTENTIAL TOURISM: TOURISTIC IDENTITY Health/wellness tourism: tranquility, VALUE CREATION CREATION beauty views, favorable climate, clean air, CATALAN METHODOLOGY relaxing atmosphere. TOURISTIC TOURISTIC Recreational tourism in the IDENTITY/ ACTIVITY EVALUATION OF THE RESOURCES MANAGEMENT STRATEGY nature: enjoy activities in the nature, out of everyday environments. SHARED ERNEST METHODOLOGY Agricultural tourism: experience of living the traditional rural life and its culture.NEEDS OF MANAGEMENT:20 Main touristic services: their tourists do not come from the Castle. The relation between the castle and the surroundings territories needs to be strengthened.1 Main cultural site: Actions should be taken to improve its yearly time table.4 Main sport sites: Few touristic activities related, it needs to increase their attractiveness.5 Main heritage/history sites: Need to increase their attractiveness, also for the Escornalbou Castle.3 Main natural sites: Few touristic activities related, it needs to increase their attractiveness.7 Main local identity sites: Not touristic activities related. All together can offer a touristic activity through all the year and for different type of tourists. 15
  16. 16. Progetto ErnestOPERATIONAL PLAN: 3 WORK LINES1. ESCORNALBOU BARONY BRAND CREATION 11 ACTIONS PLANNED Creation of a logotype and a common image IMPROVING THE GLOBAL Creation of a common promotional website Creation of a common promoter TERRITORY Creation a Common Geocaching touristic product ATRACTIVINESS2. CREATION OF TOURISTIC 10 ACTIONS PLANNED Fix and creation of hiking, bike and horse paths PRODUCTS AN Creation an olive oil tourism activity pack EXPERIENCES Create aquatic active sport offer at Riudecanyes reservoir Organize 5 thematic days, at each municipality and at the IMPROVING THE YEARLY Castle, with different cultural themes (sport in nature, traditional jobs, olive oil tradition and historic railway) TIME TABLE 8 ACTIONS PLANNED3 REINFORCE THE IDENTITY Publication of excursions’ book around the Escornalbou Barony territory IMPROVING EACH Organize a concrete traditional festival at the Castle Create a cultural/history route based on the Barony historyRESOURCE ATRACTIVINESS Create a common label for all the traditional products produced inside the territory 16
  17. 17. Progetto ErnestGEOCACHINGGeocaching is a new tourist or ludic form that isbeing nowadays used internationally and itconsists in hiding an object in a specific pointof the territory in order to make other peoplefind it, giving the GPS coordinates as the onlyreference.The hidden object can be anything: a present, anotebook, or a track to keep playing. 17
  18. 18. Progetto Ernest 18
  19. 19. Thermal bath and Culture of Tuscany hills & Catalogna 19