Twitter Everywhere - What Alisa Leonard, iCrossing, Learned at SXSW


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Alisa Leonard, social media strategist for iCrossing, expected Twitter to announce a new ad platform at SXSW 2010. They didn't. Here's a summary of what she learned from Twitter instead.

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Twitter Everywhere - What Alisa Leonard, iCrossing, Learned at SXSW

  1. 1. TWITTER EVERYWHERE The evolution of Twitter from application to platform
  2. 2. At SXSWi 2010, Evan Williams was the keynote speaker. There was a big expectation that Twitter would be announcing an ad platform. They didn’t. People were disappointed. What they did announce, however, is significant. What they announced is another step towards an open, interoperable and socially contextual web. Let’s start with where Twitter is at now….
  3. 3. billion tweets
  4. 4. Everyone is doing it. Even your bank. And your mom.
  5. 5. So far, Twitter has been about, well… Twittering
  6. 6. but what if Twitter could actually enhance your overall web experience by providing more context & relevancy to the touch points you visit
  7. 7. Twitter thought so too. So they hatched something. It’s going to be big.
  8. 8. @ANYWHERE
  9. 9. We’ve developed a new set of frameworks for adding this Twitter experience anywhere on the web. Soon, sites many of us visit every day will be able to recreate these open, engaging interactions providing a new layer of value for visitors without sending them to Our open technology platform is well known and Twitter APIs are already widely implemented but this is a different approach because we’ve created something incredibly simple. Rather than implementing APIs, site owners need only drop in a few lines of javascript. This new set of frameworks is called @anywhere.
  10. 10. In a nutshell…. • @anywhere is Twitter’s latest support for data portability • This new platform allows for a socially contextual and seamless Twitter experience across any site or service • It allows this integration without the use of API’s, thus making its implementation easier
  11. 11. let’s look at some of its features • Users may sign into other sites using their Twitter credentials Identity • 3rd party sites may deliver more relevancy and context based on user’s Twitter identities and social graph • Links may now provide a richer dimension to a reader’s experience Linking • When a user scrolls over a hyperlink, a flash “hovercard” will appear displaying a the highlighted Twitter feed’s follower count, and provide an option for the reader to follow that Twitter feed without leaving the page
  12. 12. Link “hovercard” allows readers to see a Twitter feed’s stats and follow them without leaving the page
  13. 13. Similar to Facebook Connect, initial launch partners are largely media
  14. 14. “Imagine being able to follow a New York Times journalist directly from her byline, tweet about a video without leaving YouTube, and discover new Twitter accounts while visiting the Yahoo! home page—and that’s just the beginning. Twitter has proven to be compelling in a variety of ways. With @anywhere, web site owners and operators will be able to offer visitors more value with less heavy lifting.” -Twitter blog
  15. 15. What does @anywhere mean for marketing?
  16. 16. Thought starters & questions • Twitter’s partnership with Google and Bing would suggest that these search engines will give increasingly more weight to the social equity of links…. • How does the @anywhere linking feature affect SEO practices? • Amazon is a launch partner, will we see merchandising models arise based on a user’s social graph? How might that impact future e-comm architectures? • Aside from simply increasing ease of sign in, how can sites effectively leverage Twitter identities for increased relevancy and usefulness for users? • How do we measure the success of an @anywhere implementation?
  17. 17. Alisa Leonard-Hansen Social Media Evangelist iCrossing #dataportability #icrossing